Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 3

Sweet Girl

Testing out the new hammock...

If it can with stand these kids it can with stand just about anything!

Chloe's FAVORITE past time is driving around on the golf cart...she's quite good at it too!

The men off to catch us some fish...

The men being towed by the woman...

While out fishing the guys had great luck fishing and brought home a cooler full, but also ran into some bad luck when the battery died on the boat. Next thing you know the cell phone rings and the rescue team was on the way. When Grandma and Nila got to them the boys were taking a dip in the water! By the way... Isaac says that was the best part of the weekend!

Day 2

The big house is still under construction. We spent some time relaxing on the back patio. In the afternoon it's shaded and there is a wonderful breeze off the water.

Ryan spending some solitude on the docks fishing unsuccessfully. We came down to see if he'd rather take his fishing gear out on the boat.

Chloe taking a break...

The kids both got a chance to drive the boat...watch out world!

We caught 5 fish on our adventure. And do I mean ADVENTURE!!! Did you know that baby fireflies hang out on the water? We know that now! We got bomb 'boarded' and had to change locations on the water a few times. We also now know Chloe is terrified of bugs. It's hard to explain the anxiety she went through, but she spent a lot of time under a towel in my arms so she couldn't see or feel them. Otherwise she was screaming in terror.

Isaac caught the 1st and then the largest fish while we were out there. He then proceeded to ask us all if we would like him to touch our poles for good luck.

Ryan got a crocker too!


Kicking back with Daddy on board...

Back to shore to take a dip in the pool...

What a handsome boy!

Our Pool Boy and Bathing Beauty...

We've tried our hand at fishing it's now time to crab! We checked the crab traps and it was very successful with 20+ crabs!

Memorial Day Weekend


We spent a wonderful weekend at the River House over the holiday. Besides us, Grandma & Granddad were there, Grandma's friend was visiting from Oklahoma Nila and my brother drove down.

First thing was first the kids were ready for the pool. We've decided this pool is a blast for the kids, but too small. Maybe next year we can get a bigger one for them.

It's All About Chloe!

Chloe started in Stepping Stones Preschool in their first ever 1 day a week 2 1/2 year old program. She just misses the cut off for school so she was a few weeks from being 3yrs old (2004-2005). This was right after I got my digital camera and lost some of my pictures so I don't have one of her on the computer.

In 2005-2006 Chloe went into the 3 day a week 3yr old program (again Chloe was about to turn 4yrs old). She loved her Busy Bee class with Ms. Wanda and Adam! This was her orientation day below...

Chloe has finished her last year now (2006-2007). She went 4 days a week in the Starfish Class with Mrs. Vinas. This is Chloe on her birthday at school in October...

Her last day of school they had a 'Backyard Beach Party'. We all had a great time! May 25, 2007

The night before Chloe had a graduation ceremony at school. She got a new dress from Granny and posed for the camera.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Silly Kids

Chloe during her graduation program...
Notice the jewelry she had to wear!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Soccer Weekend

Chloe was the defence player of the game! She saved quite a few goals from going in... Way to go Chloe!!!

Isaac helped referee Chloe's game this week.

Isaac had a couple assists during his game... Nice!

Our Little Artists

Mothers Day gifts from Isaac

Mommy and Isaac doing homework at the kitchen table...

Chloe's Portrait of Daddy

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Uncle Chris invited Scott and Isaac to a DC United Soccer game. Scott was very excited to take Isaac to the game. He had decided not to tell Isaac where they were going.

At first Isaac was a bit cautious about being at the stadium. You would have thought the shirt we made him wear to the game would have given him a hint of where he was going. When they walked in and he got some free posters he was happy... Then he saw all the snow cones and was ecstatic... Then once the game started he could hardly stay in his seat, because he was cheering and yelling at the referees...

Isaac's Shirt says DC UNITED!

Inside RFK Stadium...

Isaac and Uncle Chris have the same smile!

Isaac took this picture of Daddy in the metro with their free posters and lots of free shirts.

Watch out Pizza Hut and Domino's....

Here comes Reese's Pizza...

While Daddy and Isaac were out with Uncle Chris ... Chloe got to make her own pizza and watch a special DVD she picked out. We know how to have a good time!


I hope you've all had a great Mother's Day! I know I have! I got to celebrate a day early with my my mom, Ryan and the kids. Both kids had soccer games and in between we grilled some hot dogs. It was a nice afternoon. My mom and I headed to the mall and did some window shopping too!

Today the kids made me breakfast and gave me some home made gifts. Isaac stitched me a lovely picture at school and made me some coupons for housework and a back rub. Chloe made me something as well, but I have to wait till our special 'Moms & Muffins Day' this coming Friday at her school. They also did some shopping at Best Buy to get me some great DVDs. Scott got me blank DVDs ... he's got a project to put all of our home movies onto them before the end of June! I'm very excited!!!! We went to play mini golf today and went to the soccer fields to practice our moves and get dirty.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chloe's 2nd goal caught on film...


Post-Goal with attitude...

I was cheering for Isaac after he scored this weekend...but he was letting me know it was break time...

Isaac at school during recess playing a little B-Ball...

Where have I been...in a land called 'BUSY'!

Isaac has lost yet another tooth on the bottom and Chloe has one hanging by a thread. The tooth fairy may need a loan.

2 weeks ago the kids both scored their first goals in soccer! I had to miss Chloe's while I was at Isaac's game (they crossed times), but from what I hear she took it down the field by herself and kicked it right in. After her reaction was not excitement, but more of a 'yep I did it attitude' ...leave it to Chloe! Isaac on the other hand scored his goal and was so excited he ran off the field to give Mommy high fives and hugs ...leave it to Isaac!

We've been loving the warm weather and taking advantage. We've taken family bike rides and spending time outside despite the Spring allergies. I was able to spend time at Isaac's school this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. I was in charge while his teacher went to a luncheon. Thank you to Melissa for coming in to be my co-pilot!

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