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2015 February

A Month of Lacrosse

I can go back and look at the calender and take notes...mostly lacrosse!  Although football played a small roll when we watched the Patriots and Seahawks battle it out for the Superbowl.  Basketball played a part too.  Isaac spends hours shooting and going out on weekends playing with friends.  Tennis Anyone?  Scott's got a weekly game on Sunday with a friend.  Rollerblading?  Chloe bought new ones for herself and goes out as much as possible ...occasionally wearing them in the house!  Also the walking shoes have seen many miles this month between Scott and myself.  

We had our 'FLORIDA WINTER' it lasted about 2 days or so.  Hahahaha  We did have some cool days here not compared to up North and West Coast, but for us lower 50's is chilly.  The dogs love the spot in the kitchen where the light comes in through the window and they can get nice and toasty!


Bella outside on the driveway socking up the sun!

Isaac rolled his ankle walking in the locker room ... floor was slippery.  Spent a few days on crutches missing a 'fun' game of lacrosse (and weekend of Basketball).  Our high school boys were divided up and played against each other for fun.  Isaac made use of himself instead of playing goalie he stayed up in the box and kept score.  Below him and his best friend.

New Blades!

Bella not wanting Chloe to go to school...hold me all day PLEASE

Even doing her homework...that dog is relentless! 

My Beauty Heading to School

Poor Kid!  I'm buggin' him at 6am to take his picture before day jersey

Another Game Day 'OH DARK EARLY' in the AM

Game 1

HOME  Lake Mary 

Tuesday February 10th 

It's game day!  Lake Mary was gonna be tough!  We have a bunch of new very green players and they did pretty good.  Scott and I were asked last minute to keep score up in the box (we were very new green players at this too).  Loved watching Isaac for the first time play in his High School Stadium. 

Scott and Shawn

Nice View from the Box ...sun maybe shining, but it was chilly!

Isaac in the goal #0 white jersey 

Final Score 4-7 Loss

Game 2

@ Lake Brantley 

Thursday February 12th

This game started off bad from the start... the bus was late getting the boys to the game.  They showed up after they should have played over half the game already.  We didn't have dark jerseys (that's what the visiting teams supposed to wear) ...kinda a mess to start.  Scott and I were asked by this school to keep score up in the box (usually the home school does this), but we were happy to help.  Since we our team ran late they gave us less time to play the game.  We got 30 minutes running clock... we lost by 1 goal.  

Isaac in the goal #0 white jersey 

Final Score 2-3 Loss

Happy Valentines Day

February 14th, 2015

Kids got chocolate chip heart pancakes and some goodies!  

Game 3

@ Boone 

Friday February 20th

We get to sit with the rest of the folks for this game in the stands trying to keep warm!  This game was a lot of fun to watch.  The boys are finally getting control and knowing each other a bit better.  It was a great game.  Nice to get a win under their belts!

Isaac in the goal black jersey #39 tonight

Final Score 8-2 WIN

Opening Day of the Spring Season 

Chloe's and Coach Scott's Week One

Saturday February 21st

Started off at leaving the house at 6:20am and man was it chilly!  I think we experienced WINTER for about 2 days...this just happened to be the last bit of it...I hope!  Complaints, but we wore layers and by the end of the day shed our layers since it hit 80!  


Crazy Mom

Chloe played in 2 games she scored 6 goals (one left handed).  

By the end of the day our 3 teams played in 4 games and won each one by quite a few goals.  I believe our teams scored over 60 goals that weekend and the other teams totals were less than a dozen.  Coaching staff gets a thumbs up!  

Game 4

@ Merritt Island  

Monday February 23rd

With a long drive out to Merritt Island it was sure nice to have beautiful weather and watch my boy play lacrosse.   Scott was back in Oviedo coaching the girls this Monday night since it was such a long hike and he will be missing Fridays practice this week.  We've teamed up with another family to officially be in charge of the score board and announcements at the JV home games.  We need Scott there!  
The boys played a great game with the refs blowing the whistle every couple minutes.  It was great to get our 2nd win!  

Final Score 11-7 WIN

Game 5

@ Oviedo 

Tuesday February 24th

Our rivals!  Great fun to watch these boys play together since they have grown up playing club ball for years together.  Isaac loving getting physical with his 'friends' and also his 'friends' wanting to score on Isaac.  His buddy after a few attempts finally got one past Isaac and I've never seen that kid so happy...ha ha ha.  Isaac on the other hand not happy.  What a exciting evening of lacrosse!  It got down the last 22 seconds and the Oviedo team had the ball..running down and missed a pass.  That buzzer went off and our Hagerty Huskies jumped for JOY!

Chloe supporting Isaac by wearing his white jersey to the game!  

Isaac in the goal wearing #31 tonight to honor his old coach "JM"

Final Score 4-3 WIN!!!!

Game 6

HOME   Montverde Academy

Friday February 27th 

Well this game was interesting... we were loosing 0-4 then came back to tie it.  Seems like they finally got a handle of the ball.  In the end though we did not come out victorious.  

Final Score 5-8 Loss

I didn't take pictures at this game, but one from my cell of me with the mic!  And a friends son photo bombing me!  

Chloe's and Coach Scott's Week Two

Saturday February 28th

Another successful weekend for all the girls.  They had over 50 goals in 4 games and had less than a dozen scored on them all together.  We seemed a bit off too...couldn't pin point it, but maybe the weather.  It felt like a Rainy Seattle Winter Day!  Unpleasant to say the least.  

Our last day in February was obviously spent on the lacrosse fields!  What a month of lacrosse!  We never have a dull moment and if it does happen I hope to breath!
Next month I'm counting 9 games for the boys and 7 for the girls!  Many Practices. Spring Break.  Dog sitting for a friend.  Other fun stuff!  

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