Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Dad and Isaac playing Pokemon... It's much more complicated than we thought. We printed out the directions and actually need to read as we go. Suzette was with us too...she wasn't interested in the game, but stayed close to Scott.

Chloe and Grampy playing with some trinkets.

We had a lovely day. It was hot, but bearable. Thank God for our umbrella it saved us from the sun and the golf balls!
We watched as some people searched for their golf ball (which went over the fence...finders keepers) keep looking fella.

To all the Fathers out there...Have a great year and Happy Fathers Day! We are blessed to have Clark he's a terrific 'dad' Grampy and friend. Scott (aka) dad there's no words to describe what he means to us. He's extraordinary.

Isaac's Play

Isaac had a play at school. He played the Inn Keeper that stole from the boy. Lovely values, eh! He had a great time and did a wonderful job.


The corner of the desk in the right hand side of this photo is Isaac's. This is a lovely pot he painted and planted us a flower. It's a symbol of how much the children had blossomed this year. Everyone read their parts in the play and did a awesome job.

School's now over and he'll soon officially be a 2nd grader! He's very excited about next year and insists we shouldn't do homework this summer. I think we should vote!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Company Picnic

Saturday evening Scott and I were treated to an amazing dinner at 'The Inn at Little Washington'. The company Scott works for STI consists of Scott, David and Anne his wife. During the dinner Anne refereed to our night out as a 'Company Picnic' which I thought was hoot! This place is like nothing I've ever seen. It was a wonderful evening filled with toe curling food and hysterical conversation.

This is a quote from their website...

Craig Claiborne of The New York Times called it “the most magnificent inn I’ve ever seen, in this country or Europe, where I had the most fantastic meal of my life”. Patrick’s approach to cooking, while paying homage to the lawmakers of Classical French Cuisine, reflects a belief in “the cuisine of today”, healthy, eclectic, imaginative, unrestricted by ethnic boundaries and always growing. The restaurant has been continually rated number one in all categories of Zagat’s Washington DC restaurant survey for the past 14 years. The popular reader’s survey raves that it is: “the gastronomic equivalent of sex”, “heaven comes in second place and it’s not really close” and calls The Inn at Little Washington “arguably the best dining in the country”.
They carry 14,000 bottles of wine. 5% are in the Inn and the rest are stored in their cellar across the street.

This is a picture of my dessert before I enjoyed it...
Cheesecake with Strawberry and topped with Strawberry-Rhubarb Sorbet

Now you wouldn't expect to see a cow in a place like this. One of the dessert choices was cheese. The expert (in cheese) would wheel "Faria" the cow to your table, ring her cow bell and use a little moo noise maker. It was TOO funny!

After dinner we got a tour of the kitchen which surprisingly was spotless, quite and very organized...with many people working back there. We also walked in the garden, visited the Koi Pond and sat down for more drinks in another room.

A huge Thank you to Dave and Anne for such a memorable evening!

Isaac's Night

Isaac's school had a 1st grade musical. It was called "Circus Circus...the Circus is coming to town!". Isaac has a very strong voice and you can hear him above the 160 other 1st Graders. He also had a speaking solo and it went like this... (he was referring to the Ring Master) "He has a case of laryngitis's which means his voice is shot and a case of gingivitis so pleasant he is not!"


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