Monday, September 19, 2011

Lacrosse Begins

Chloe's on a new team this year playing for the Central Florida Girls Youth Lacrosse. She has quite a few of her friends on the team with her including her best friend. The girls have been practicing since mid August and they had their first game this past weekend. Scott is coaching both the girls and the boys this season!
The girls were so much fun to watch...they did an outstanding job. I thought the game was a tie, but not sure we might have won by 1 point?!

Thanks to Ms. Denise for the cool hair bands that say LAX and to Granny & Grampy for the awesome socks! Chloe was pointed out by other parents as being so cute! Our fashionista!

Isaac has begun practice twice a week working on skills. This season the organization has a first... box lacrosse! We are very excited to see this going on. Isaac will be playing every Sunday for about 2 months. This weekend was the intro to the game. They split our organization into two groups Isaac's on the Navy colored team. He had a great time and it brought back memories of roller hockey!

You will know where to find us most days of the week...on the lacrosse fields!

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