Friday, February 07, 2014


January has come and gone...

I'm not sure what on earth happened to January of 2014, but it's already gone and we are a full week into February.  I'm looking at the calender to find out what happened to our days...

Dec. 30-Jan. 2  Isaac had a lacrosse camp in Kissimmee which was quite a hike to and from each day. Chloe spent her days enjoying no school and all her Christmas gifts she had received.
Jan. 7 the kids went back to school after a long winter break and I went back to my volunteering at the middle school on Mondays and at the elementary school on Tuesdays.
Work never stopped with the exception...
Jan. 6-10 Scott spent the week in Cancun with his brother Chris.
Jan. 11 Chloe had a lacrosse camp given by Rollin's College for 4 hours ... Isaac had 2 games with the high school JV team.
Jan. 12 Isaac had a goalie camp for 5 hours.  Chloe helped out at the Lax Maniax Try-outs for the incoming new blood.
During the month Chloe had 8 lacrosse practices with her rec team (CFGYL) and Scott coached those.
Isaac had 8 lacrosse practices with his club team the Jokers.   An orthodontist visit for Chloe.
Jan. 18 Isaac went to a friends party
Jan. 19 Isaac went to a lacrosse clinic in Palm Coast run by Jacksonville University.  After that we had dinner with some lacrosse friends (Carter and Kasey) at their hotel and watched some playoff football.
Jan. 20 the kids had not school but the did have lacrosse.  Chloe had practice and Isaac played in the MLK tournament in Palm Coast with the high school JV team.  He had a blast it was also his last time playing with them until he's actually in high school.  (I did take pictures and posted those previously which is the only pictures I took in January)
Jan. 30 High School Curriculum Night to see what we're up against in  August!
Jan. 31 We went to our first Chinese New Year Party ...thanks for the great night Kasey, John, Carter and Cooper!

Reflecting on the days gone by I have to be thankful we're all healthy and happy.  Our lives are consumed with work, school, lacrosse...but most of all we have a great time together whatever we are doing!  Ok maybe not at the orthodontist office, but other than that yes.   I know in our free time we spent some days out riding, exercising, games, XBOX, DVR catch up and the kids friends popping in and out of the house.  Can't complain.  Now looking into February after we are a week in and I've yet to take pictures...I'll try to do better with that as of today.  We've got a very busy schedule already, but love the adventure and ride it takes us on!

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