Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 16th, 2010
Oviedo High School
"Shirts and Skirts"

Chloe's Lady Jokers team was asked to play at halftime on the new turf field at a local high school during a fund raising lacrosse game. Chloe was so excited to play!
They had a 25minute running clock and just enough girls to fill the field so they got to play the entire time.

Sizing up the competition

Chloe may have been the smallest (and probably the youngest) girl out there, but she held her own and then some!

Can you see Chloe? She's behind that girl...Chloe could really keep up with those bigger girls!

Isaac watching and cheering loudly for Chloe!

December 6th, 2010

Isaac and Chloe's Orff Orchestra Concert

Isaac has played in the orchestra for a couple years now. Now that Chloe is in the 3rd grade she's allowed to try out. She made the cut!
Isaac played 6 different instruments plus sang. Chloe played 3 plus sang. They did a wonderful job and I wish I had a camcorder at the time. I was able to do video on my cell phone, but it's not the greatest. Scott and I have a new camcorder now (early Christmas gift to ourselves) so we won't miss another moment!

The kids had 2 concerts during the day for the kids at school then one evening concert for the parents. I went to 2 of them!

Black Friday at Busch Gardens

Instead of shopping we went to play for the day at the park...

Chloe journaling what she saw and did...

Isaac on the train

Cheetah Chase

Merry Go Round

Bumper Cars

NOT Bumper Cars...Shekra!

Tiger and the Bird Cage

Time to cool off!

Chloe would like to take one home...PLEASE!

We were in the car no more than a few seconds when it started to pour so we had a great afternoon of fun in the sun!

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