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June 2015

Liz In Washington...

Spending my time in Washington with my other family members...enjoying some clean mountain air and time with my nephews, niece, sister, brothers and extended family I haven't seen in way too long.  
The lake will always hold special place in my heart with my family...they know how to have a good time!  
Mom and Me

My sister set the weekend up for all of us... she reserved the best spot.  By the end of the weekend we had 6 or 7 tents, a cabin, a cot in a van and a motor home all belonging to our group!  

Mom, my sister Chris and I slept in the cabin..spoiled!  You can see Toto and Jack sitting in the window!


Brother Lennie with his soon to be bride Cory

Ride on Lennie's boat with Cory and mom

Oh Charlie...

Eli having a great time

Brother Lee entertaining us

Nephews Jeremy and Jake

Nephew Brett found a perfect place to relax 

The munchkins enjoying a 'boat' ride as we held onto the rope

Chris showing them a tadpole she caught

Chris and I ...either we get thrown in by the boys or we go in on our own... 
50-some degrees...super cold!!! 

Nephews Christopher, Jeremy and Cameron .... yep they could have tossed us in!  

Brett's Turn!

Chris cooking up some veggies in our cabin...time for a feast!

Nephew Josh brought oysters to cook over the campfire

Brother Lonne's wife Lin and her friends with mom cooking breakfast

Boys playing with Charlie in the lake

Rough looking bunch...LOL!  

Love my Family!

It's always hard to leave the lake, but hopefully make it back there some other year.  We headed to Chris and Tami's house to relax for a few hours before heading home to my moms.


Me and Shaun (Jeremy's girlfriend)

Jeremy and Me...OMG he's hysterical

Famous Face of Jeremy!  

My mom (step mom Linda) and I got to spend mornings having coffee out back enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers in her garden.  We shopped, ate, drank, watched a good show, walked and just had a blast!  

Our Coffee Hangout

Lunch by the water

Day trip to Leavenworth...

Leavenworth, WA
Lunch was a bit chilly outside, but the views were lovely.  I got my veggie dog and mom got her beer and bratwurst.

Back to the is wonderful!

Her Babies... Toto and Jack

Time for a walk down the street from her house...



I love my sister!  Chris is always making me laugh...why?  Just thinking of her brings a smile to my face...I think it's bc I know she loves me!  Got to spend time at her new home with her girlfriend Tami, the boys, her dogs, her goats...what more could you ask for.

A drink before I go

View from the Plane

Off to Atlanta  June 5-7

Chloe played with her middle school club team in the Southern Alliance Tournament in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Day 1 they took all 3 teams down and won!  She played like a champion getting most of all the points for that day.  Super proud of her.  

Day 2 on the other hand we ended up loosing the very first game and that meant we get to go home!  Bummer, but a fun weekend regardless!  Girls had great attitudes and had fun!

Fathers Day Invitational Lacrosse Tournament

June 13th and 14th

Both Scott's high school team and Chloe's middle school teams competed in this weekends event.  It was nice to be at the same place and enjoy each others games.  Long hot days, but worth it!

Team Beast did amazing and ended up going into the championship playoffs!  Outstanding for this group of young ladies some very new and some very young.  They lost by one point in the championship.  Extremely proud Coaches.  

Chloe's team also went all the way.  They were undefeated into the championship playoffs... they lost by 2 goals.  They played their hearts out and were so tired.  Chloe didn't miss a second of the games she was in the entire time.  Needless to say she didn't get out of bed the next day her legs were wobbling!  6 games in 2 days in 90 degree temps...way to go!


Between Game Shenanigans!

Isaac's Summer Basketball Game 1

Thursday June 18th ~ lost

No pictures.  We enjoyed many of the summer season games without a camera in our face.  

Army Ball 

Saturday June 20th

It was the Army's 240th Birthday celebration ball.  What a fabulous time we had dancing the night away.  

                                                       My lame attempt at a crazy selfie

Kids got a picture of us with my cell (look at Scott's rockin shoes)

Cinderella and Prince Charming (so handsome!)

My friend Missy 

I totally want one of these Selfie Sticks...they've always seemed a bit dumb until I used one! 
Co Worker Michelle (happy she brought her stick)

Heather, Michelle and I 

The Men Scott and Chuck with their lovely Arm Candy

 Fathers Day 

Sunday June 21st

 Nice having Dad and Marilyn close by to celebrate the holidays with now.  They came over around lunch time.  Scott and Dad went for a ride in the jeep to the mall to return Scott's tuxedo.  Got the thumbs up after the jeep ride!

Our feast!

Some of us went in the pool

Always up for a round or two of fun and games

Isaac's Summer Basketball Game 2

Friday June 26th ~ Won

Coach John couldn't make it to the game so Isaac offered Scott up as a sacrifice!  What a great dad... he did it.  The boys didn't listen to him much (if at all), but he did try and help them.  At half they were loosing by 1 point...they ended up pulling it off in the end and winning!  Had to be the coaching!
 Go Goldie Locks

 Chloe ..ball head

Elias and Isaac

One Love Tournament  7vs7

June 27th and 28th

Chloe's middle school club team wasn't going to be competing in this tournament so she was able to join Scott's team for the weekend!  The Beast team took 3 separate teams to compete.  All the teams had a blast!
It was such a great time to see all these girls playing together again and Chloe getting challenged to play with the high school girls was awesome!  She exceeded our expectations by far!


Rollin' the Cage

 I love watching her play! 

Coach with HIS little Beast

 This girl guarding Chloe was over 6ft tall...we asked Chloe later was she intimidated by the size of the girls?  Her answer "No, I just play my game I don't notice if they are bigger than me"

She shoots She scores!

Coach Mitch, Coach Scott and Isaac watching the Purple Team (Coach Dean's Team)

Another Weekend of doin' what we Love!

A Very Successful Month of Lacrosse!  Great time on the basketball court.  First full month of No School.  Vacation.  Time with friends and family!  

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