Friday, April 13, 2012

March Is Over...
We're Halfway Into April!

After spring break we got back into the swing of things with school. Had a small hiccup in plans though... Chloe got a sinus and ear infection so she did end up missing some school. Isaac unfortunately is fighting his asthma again. It flared up this Spring allergy season and we are still fighting to get it under control.

Isaac became a member of the National Junior Beta Club at his middle school.

March 31st
Isaac's lacrosse game they won 9-1...way to stop those balls Isaac!!!

Chloe's game we expected to be very tough, but the girls did an outstanding job and came out winners! It was the first game this season where it was really hot outside too.

Easter Sunday

Easter Bunnies?

Ms. Denise sent the kids a Cookie in the mail!

Egg Toss

Hope you all had a very blessed Easter!

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