Thursday, December 12, 2013


Christmas Early in the Gallant House

Merry Christmas

Wednesday December 12th, 2013

Yes, we jumped the gun a little for our Christmas celebrations, but we just couldn't wait.  Actually we wanted to give the kids time to use stuff before we headed out of town.  

Chloe LOVES Sudoku puzzles she's finished many booklets of them so this was a new one she found in her stocking!  

Isaac and his sock obsession 

Daddy with Lucy

New music Isaac wanted SKILLET

Theme this year was "the hunt" they got clues to find where their gifts were hidden...this took them all over the house and it was quite fun!

Isaac hit the JACKPOT

Got the game he wanted Call of Duty Ghosts

Chloe wanted new shoes and we went onto and she was able to create her own!

Designed by Chloe!
She picked all colors, designs on soles, all cloth, laces, holes, even had her name put on them

Chloe hit the JACKPOT

Chloe may need her own blog now

Some of Chloe's loot

Waiting on installation 

Dogs wondering where their gifts are...I told them they get their nails clipped but since I said it in a chipper voice they think it's something good....NOT!

Looking forward to more Christmas Celebrations Soon!  

Monday, December 09, 2013


Isaac's Weekend Of JV High School Lacrosse

Saturday December 7th, 2013

Isaac got a late notice Friday night  to join 'Winter Ball' with the High School JV team as their goalie.  Needless to say he was over the moon excited.  Isaac and my plans changed rapidly from waking up and going to help out Scott and Chloe at her 3 hour fun day practice with her lacrosse team.  Isaac and I were off in a different direction so he could play 2 games.  

He likes to run out of the goal which makes me nervous ...those dudes running after him are BIG their legs alone are twice the size of Isaac's.

This was quite a save one on one!

Sunday December 8th, 2013

Reindeer Rumble Tournament

Another day of lacrosse except this one was much longer.  All of us got to go watch Isaac play 3 games, but after that Scott and Chloe had to leave so she could go to her Lax Maniax practice in another part of town.  

The boys lost the first two games (second game only by one goal).  Isaac played outstanding too!  He's always fun to watch.  

The 3rd game the boys played against their rival high school and WON!  It was a pretty tough game all around though.

Isaac was hit in the family jewels not something you want to see!  This boy with him in the picture is Carter.  He's a sweet kid and was immediately by Isaac's side when he went down.  Soon enough the ref blew his whistle to stop the game then the coaches came out and he was down for a few minutes.  Luckily the Varsity Goalie Tanner (who's a 10th grader) was watching and went over to suit up and get in the goal for the last 3 minutes of the game.  Thank You.  At the time Isaac actually thought they were loosing and just couldn't get the strength to get up again.  In fact they were winning by 1 goal and that goal Isaac saved using his privates ...well that was a winner.  We won by ONE goal!

The 4th game ended up being a 10 minute scrimmage.  We didn't have enough kids (some left) so the team we were to play ended up combining both teams and they had some fun.  The other team had 2 goalies so Isaac got to play attack.  He was THRILLED!  Even got to take a shot, but it was saved.  He caught ever ball and passed perfectly.   Great way to end the weekend!

Happy and having a Blast!

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