Thursday, March 03, 2016


New House Part 1

The Start of Some Before And Afters in the New Home...

We are still working on things, but I wanted to give you a taste of the work we've done so far...

Popcorn Ceilings Were The Very First thing to GO!

They came in and put plastic all over the walls, doors ...EVERYTHING

This is the ceilings when they finished, but before they painted what a change!

Carpets were taken out by Scott, Chris and some lacrosse boys

The Entire House Needed a Re-Plumb
Many holes throughout the house in the walls and such...
Below was Chloe's Bedroom Wall

Kids/Guest Bathroom

Office Wall

Living Room Area Near Kitchen

Master Bathroom

BEFORE Foyer Light and Popcorn Ceilings 

BEFORE Foyer Light and Popcorn Ceilings 
Tile Flooring, White Walls, Wood Trim, Yellowing Light Outlets

AFTER Foyer Light and New Knockdown Ceilings

AFTER Foyer Light, New Floors, Painted Walls and Painted Trim along Doorways
More changes coming soon to this area: New Front Doors 

New Clear Window above with no lines

BEFORE Room previous owners used as formal living room we've changed to Office 
Carpet, Blinds that didn't even function, White Walls 

AFTER Tore out carpet added flooring and doors, painted trim and new light covers
Coming soon... inside organized Office and Weight room

BEFORE Dining Room Light and Popcorn Ceilings

AFTER New Lighting with Ceiling Fan and Knockdown Ceilings, Paint 
We'll also use this as a sitting area/room instead of dining room
More changes coming soon to this area: Flooring, Window and Furniture
We still have boxes in there right now!

BEFORE Breakfast Nook 
Took out Lighting, flooring, Window treatments

AFTER New Light Fixture, Painted Walls, Flooring
In this photo you can see old windows...

This Photo You can catch a glimpse of New Windows
Flowers from our Friend Liz Darnell!!!

New Clear Picture Window and side window 

BEFORE Master Bedroom Closet

AFTER Flooring New, Organization New, Walls Freshly Painted 

BEFORE Hallway near kids bedrooms and hall closets 
(we had removed the tile flooring already)

We removed closet doors and got new ones

AFTER Trim was painted and inside closets were painted Right before the walls were painted

AFTER New Doors, Paint, Floors, knobs

BEFORE Extra Bedroom We are now calling the TEEN ROOM
First Two Photos have Carpet Third the Capet had been removed
Old light sockets, Old Doors and Trim 
Nasty Blinds

AFTER Changes are still being made, but this has new paint, Switches, Doors and Flooring
Window still old in these pictures

New Fan and Lighting Above

Put some Furniture in there for the kids to hang out with XBox

First Night in the house
Plastic on Widows b/c the blinds were so gross they had to be taken down

BEFORE Facets in bathrooms were gross...

AFTER all replaced with these
Bathrooms are a work in progress hopefully by End of Spring we'll be all done

BEFORE Isaac's Bedroom 

AFTER Isaac's Bedroom
NEW EVERYTHING... 2 paint colors (one is his high school blue), fan and lighting, flooring, baseboards, closet doors...still working on decorating 

BEFORE Chloe's Bedroom 
The Blinds in this room were the only good ones in the house

More pictures to come later
She wanted all walls the high school blue


After New Garage door and opener

Old Closet Doors 

 BEFORE WINDOWS  You know you need new windows when half of them won't lock, screens torn up, you can hear everything outside and they are wet on the inside on a very DEW like morning in a Florida Winter! 

 AFTER    New Windows throughout the entire house and 
sliding doors in both the master and living rooms

Peek at Cabinets 

 We did a lot of work ourselves.  Help from family and friends when they were visiting or around.  We've learned patience, but also want to get it done ASAP so we can sit back and enjoy it all.  We've never experienced this remodeling stuff before ...we are pretty much gutting it all just not knocking down the walls.  We LOVE the location and the size of the's GREAT!

 Much More to Come so Stay Tuned... 

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