Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Home

We got home and found our ac unit upstairs wasn't working. Inching near 100 degrees up there the kids got to stay on the blow up mattresses downstairs for a few days till it got fixed. Chloe even had a couple friends stay the!

Grandma had to fly to Orlando for a meeting so we got to spend an evening with her. Scott picked her up and we had dinner at the house. Isaac played her in cards and even got a game of poker going. Grandma had a lucky night!

Chloe was a bit worn out with all her friends over she found a quiet place to relax!

Since we've been home the kids have started a lacrosse summer camp. It's been wonderful because both kids can be there and play together. It's been fun too!
For the most part Isaac's been playing goalie. The other night he came all the way down the field and scored a goal...the crowd erupted with cheers!

Chloe and I had a girls day out shopping. She's a little diva! This is before we got to the store...

These are while she was trying on clothes...she loved this too. It was a hour long fashion show!

We didn't buy it all, but we did get a few things and some items were left for a wish list!

July 1st-5th, 2010
River House

The end our our 'vacation' was spent at the river house. It was a nice way to spend the last few days in Virginia...very relaxing! We hadn't been in the house since it was complete so it was a nice surprise to see it all. The house is mammoth in size and just amazing! I really enjoyed cooking with my 'mom' and having all the room plus some!

Chloe found the room with a view! She also loved the big fluffy bed and decided that is where "princess Chloe" shall sleep.

Chloe being Chloe...what a ham!

Chloe's love of the golf cart can be a bit annoying when she wants to drive it all over all the time. She's now old enough to cruise alone as long as she doesn't go far. Watch out world!

Kids riding their bikes...Osprey having some lunch on the post...out for a ride and some pretty flowers

Bella sun bathing

Kids out for a test run with Granddad

Lucy trying to keep cool!

Time to play on the beach area at the house next door. We got a kick out of the kids and dogs!

Grandma got the kids a ton of pool toys and blow up pool for them to play in. The loved it!

This one makes me laugh!

Kids were thrilled to get on the boat to ride BIG BERTHA!

There are a lot of these photos from BIG BERTHA. I knew some people would love to see them.
Ready ... Set ... GO!

Daddy's turn... lets just say it didn't end well and his glasses have joined the lost treasure list in the water.

Isaac and Chloe wanted to go again!

Safely back on land the kids and daddy wanted to get back in the water to cool off and have some more fun. I kept dry and took the pictures!

Loading up the van the night before so we'd be ready to go at 4am. The kids loved using the elevator! It was very handy not carrying our heavy bags up and down all the stairs!

Us on the back deck the night before we left.

Grandma and the kids the night before we left.

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