Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Games of Spring Season
Saturday February 25th, 2012

Chloe's game was the first of the day starting at 8am. We won't complain about how early we had to get up (6am) and out of the house (6:30am) since we were lucky enough to have the games spread out and see both kids play.

Chloe ready to go!

Chloe and Rachel
If you look you can see Isaac on the coaches side (blurry) just over Chloe's shoulder pointing at something

A pass to Chloe

Chloe running down field with the ball

Chloe defending against a friend Emily. They were pretty excited to play each other!

Across the parking area was a few new colts...so cute!

After Coach Scott wrapped up the game with the girls team we headed to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Fueling up for another couple games.

Coach Scott is not only head Coach for the 3rd-6th grade girls team he's also an Assistant Coach for the boys TWO 4th-6th grade teams. The White team played at noon so we got to the field at 11am. They played well (must be the coaching). Isaac was on the sidelines ready to jump in just in case the goalie couldn't handle it. He is a new goalie and wasn't feeling great...I saw Isaac suit up probably 3 times during that game, but the new boy did well.
After that game the 7th-8th grade team played and we watched them. Finally it was the Purple teams turn (Isaac's team).

Chloe rolling around on the field before Isaac's game

Isaac in goal

Now you can't see Isaac very well in this picture due to #5 on the opposing team attempting to chop his little neck off!

A little closer view at that slash to Isaac's neck on #5's follow-thru shot.

Needless to say Isaac got up after a couple minutes. All the players actually left the field after the Refs told them too. Coaches and Refs by his side to make sure he was gonna be ok and could finish the game. I knew he was going to be ok since there was no blood, bone and he was moving around right after the hit. Coach says that's a 'stinger'. Isaac said one a lifetime is good for him.

As you can see he was back up and moving just fine. Ice in the car and when we got home a Tylenol plus rest does wonders!

He's not lost a game in over a year, but he did this day. Hopefully the rust will brush off and next week will be a winner.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Washington Capitals Weekend

Friday February 17th after Isaac got home from school the 4 of us drove to Tampa to stay the night and celebrate our February Fun Weekend!
After fighting traffic we got into town and stopped for dinner at a bar/restaurant called Hattricks in downtown Tampa. Not only did they have some good food they had the Capitals game on about 4 big screen tv's! The Caps were in Sunrise, FL playing the Panters and WON! After the game we headed to our hotel and Chloe finished up her sign to hang on our door.

This is the sign we finished Saturday morning...
This sign goes to the tune of the song "I'm Sexy and I know it ... wiggle wiggle wiggle "...not appropriate to wave around, but we found another way to show LOVE for the Caps!
If you don't know what a WEAGLE is ...it's the Eagle Symbol for the Washington Capitals (top right of the sign)...

We walked outside the hotel hoping to catch some players coming in or out... the valets got our van so we could put luggage in it and here comes a bunch of players. Scott grabbed the kids and got some autographs. I was a bit bummed, because I wanted a picture of me in the middle of Scott and Jason Chimera (I think they look alike)..plus he's a awesome player! By the time I tossed everything in the van and got over there I got to see one player...
One of our favorite players Mike Knuble was heading into our hotel and we stopped to get an autograph and photo. Isaac's best friend Thomas Martin in Virginia plays on a youth hockey team with Mr. Knuble's son so we mentioned that and he told us the youth team was up in New Hampshire this weekend playing. Hope you did great boys! FYI Mr. Knuble said the Martin's were good people...we totally agree!

Kids playing around outside. It was a bit foggy and chilly in the morning.

John Erskin now signing Isaac's jersey ...I got a quick picture from across the street. He signed Chloe's hat too.

Isaac's favorite goalie Michal Neuvirth signing a Hockey card for Isaac. He also signed Chloe's hat. Later in the day we saw Mr. Neuvirth again from across the street while we were playing in the park. Isaac yelled to him "Would you like to toss around the football?" He said he can't right now...didn't have time. You never know if you don't ask!

Isaac and #23 Keith Aucoin (signed his jersey)

Tomas Vokoun Goalie

We saw him a couple times as well. The first time we got some autographs and pictures. Later in the day all 4 of us yelled from across the street "LETS GO CAPS" and he looked over gave a wave and a smile.

Kids playing again...Scott was tossing the football to Isaac, but Chloe was trying to run over Isaac.

Jeff Schultz #55 at 6 ft 6 inches he's a tall guy! No wonder he has such a long reach as a defensemen

Chloe hanging at the park. We had a great time playing ball tag, running around, playing with people's dogs and watching for players coming out of the arena from their warm up skate. Not all of the players went in due to the late game last night, but we got to see a few.

I saw Craig Laughin and Joe Beninati (Broadcasters) walking out of the arena and ran over to get my picture. Scott and I talked to them a few minutes...cool guys.

We went to lunch at Precinct Pizza ..yum! Then back to the valet to get our van and move it.
Big Kid and Little Kid... Scott and Isaac wanted to drop a lacrosse ball off the top of the parking garage...so this went on for awhile. Then they played some other ball game together.

The sky was beautiful flowers and sky!

Smallest lady bug I've ever seen!

It's almost game time and there's a huge bus outside the Capitals hotel to pick them up and drive them one block. Although some players, media and coaches prefer to walk.

Isaac and Chloe both got coach Dale Hunters autograph and wished him good luck in the game.

Brooks Laich didn't even look over at the mob (that wanted his autograph) he just got on the bus. We totally understand since they are in 'game mode'

We saw Ovechkin get on the bus and a few others we would have liked to get a picture with, but maybe next time!
I didn't get a picture of all the guys we got autographs from since Isaac and Scott ran down the street after one...Isaac really wanted his hockey card signed! He was so excited!

Matt Hendricks came over and only signed for the kids. He was very nice. We like him a lot!

Time to hang out in front of the arena and play some games!

We wanted to get into the arena and watch the Caps warm up so we headed inside and down the glass so we could watch them.

Chloe's friend Jenna's brother was there! Hi Jacob!




Olie Kolzig





Ovechkin blowing a bubble



We had to go to our seats now. We surprised the kids with 3rd row seats! I never want to go back the 'nose bleed' sections up top again. It was awesome! We were super close to the plays as you can see from the photos...




Nice to have Mike Green back in the game!

Knuble Ovechkin Orlov




Caps Fans beginning of the 3rd period ...time to rally (this was our view)

From the last 9 seconds of the game ...Semin and Ovie
For those who don't know the Capitals lost 2-1

These are shots from our TV (SUN LIGHTNING Broadcasting in FL)
You can see us (Isaac's wig) and our very bright sign

You can see our sign!

This is from the VA broadcasting COMCAST ...our friend Jamie took a picture from his tv!

Isaac's jersey

Chloe's Hat

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