Monday, August 20, 2018


Summer 2018



Had a nagging feeling that we NEEDED to go to Vegas and witness history...
We made it all happen in a few hours and hopped on a plan to Vegas!


Cheers to the Winners


While we had to head to Delaware for some lacrosse we detoured to Grampy and Ganny's house.  They also took good care of Isaac while the rest of us went to Delaware.

Adventuring out and found some help for Isaac

Panera Lunch

Pumpkin Pie Time


Hanging out in the Mall in Annapolis before heading out of town


Nationals Lacrosse Classic July 16-19


Richmond, VA

Capital Cup July 20-22

Team Beast

Now another tournament for the Summer.  Nice to have some friendly faces around to cheer with!
Isaac stayed in hotel room working on his online college classes so he avoided the heat and the rain!


We didn't have much time here between our midnight arrival and the time the cruise ship left the dock

Norwegian Bliss

Grandma Gallant treated us to a trip of a lifetime!  We all met up in Seattle had a little fun and then onto the massive cruise ship!

Ready to Sail Away
July 28th

Our Room

Ketchikan, Alaska
July 30th

Taking ATV's out for a spin
It hadn't rained in about 3 weeks so the ride was SUPER dusty!

Juneau, Alaska 

July 31st
Lazy River Raft through a glacier lake

Cruise into Sawyer Glacier

Shaped like a Heart

Skagway Alaska

August 1st

Musher's Dog Camp
Went to check out how these Dogs get ready for the BIG races

These two are the youngest of the crew ...only ones 'really' resting

This one is called "BlowHole" ...totally funny personality!  

Representing our High School in Alaska

The whole Crew
Dave Diane Chris Alex Isaac Scott Liz and Chloe

6 Day Old Puppies
We were the first group to hold them!  Perfect timing!  
Their eyes and ears were still not opened yet.

Skagway, Alaska

August 1st

Walked around the town, but it was crowded with all the ships in town

Victoria BC August 3rd 
We docked around 5pm 
Scott and Isaac went ashore, but Chloe and I stayed on the ship

Baby Seagulls 

Strike a Pose

Back to Seattle for a few hours then back to Florida

Chloe's first day of Junior Year

August 10th

Chloe had her wisdom teeth taken out a few days before

Isaac's 19th Birthday

Isaac had some of his best friends over to eat and play Fortnite

Isaac's 1st day on campus 

August 20th

Isaac had 2 online classes over the Summer, but now that Fall session has started he's on campus in class!

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