Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another one of Isaac's Birthday Parties

Isaac seems to get 2 birthday parties each year. Not sure how this all started, but he'd say to me "It works Mom ... don't try and fix it!".
We had some of our family over and grilled outside. The weather wasn't too hot so it turned out nicely.

The kids have found a new passion...making kabobs.

So many fun and cute pictures I'd love to share them all, but I won't.

Uncle Ryan with the kids. Isaac opened up a helicopter (which he was good at flying) and a airplane (not as good, but chased Chloe with it).

Grampy Granny and the kids with a bag full of good stuff!

Great Grandma Gallant with Isaac. She was proud of how well Isaac could read.

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn cozied up on the chair with Isaac as he opened all his new books.

Granddad was able to attend bringing in many new Pokemon Movies for the kids to watch, but Grandma couldn't make it due to work.

Got to love the gift card! Isaac had no problem spending that at the toys store...
Thanks Aunt Jane & Uncle Chris!

Smile you two!

And you!

Make a Wish!

Fun times at Grampy and Granny's...

The kids each got a animal and Isaac enjoys entertaining us with his. His bedroom at their house is all Cowboys and Indian's so this is very fitting.

Chloe's collected in her beautiful bedroom at their house...a whole lot of girly toys. She's inherited many of my old stuffed animals and many new ones too.

Ice cream cones are a regular occurrence at their house. Always full of orange sherbet. And the rule is you don't eat just one!

Chloe enjoys little trinkets ... so does Granny.

Could we see a smile there Isaac...

Tickling him always seems to work!


This is what happens when you leave the kids at their Grampy and Granny's house...

Now WHY are you so happy?

Why would you be putting a helmet on my child?

What do you think your doing?!

Are you KIDDING me?!

On the move with precious cargo!

Stop to pose for Granny and her camera..."wait till Mommy sees this!"


Another Day...
Another Ride...

Monday, August 20, 2007


Straight after our Kings Dominion Adventure on Isaac's birthday we headed to Virginia Beach. This was also a surprise to the kids. Scott had a meeting for work the next morning so we made it a family affair. Luckily the kids and I didn't have to go to work. We got to play instead!

We went down two summers ago and stayed at the same hotel...the kids did remember this place. We got up early to head to the pool and beach.

The kids watching the many many many dolphins. At first when you see a fin in the water you think about JAWS! Then we realized they were dolphins. I know this is not a great picture...hoping for a new camera for my birthday with better zoom. If you can see the little grey spots...that's the dolphins! We must have seen 100 of them in a matter of hours about 150 yards out.

Our Beach Bums and Water Monkeys...

Once Scott finished up with his meeting we got to have lunch with cousins...
Mike Kelly MJ and Annabelle. Thanks for taking time to hang with us! Now for the 3+hour drive home.
It was a whirl wind trip, but will not soon be forgotten!

Isaac's 8th Birthday August 14th, 2007

Scott decided he'd take a day off and we'd surprise the kids by taking them to Kings Dominion. I thought they would flip out when we drove into the parking lot (we didn't tell them where we were going), but they asked if it was like a fair. Honest question so we said "Yes, a HUGE fair." Needless to say they had a GREAT time and the older folks did too!
Our first ride was the Scooby Do Roller Coaster. I don't ever remember this being scary I must be getting a bit old! Isaac went before us and said it was scary, but AWESOME! Chloe didn't think it was so awesome...she did think it was a scary!

Time for the carnival rides which the kids really enjoyed. They loved the bumper out world!

The merry-go-round wasn't thrilling, but they still enjoyed themselves.

Daddy and Isaac flying high! Chloe was a bit to short to ride on some of the rides, but once she saw how high they went she didn't mind staying on the sidelines.

After spending 3 hours on the rides we ate some lunch and got ready for the water park. I didn't get many pictures here due to all the water... We spent about 5 hours at the water park. The kids couldn't get enough of the lazy river and inner tube slide.
Chloe was under 46inches so she had to wear a life vest while on the water slides..she didn't mind...

Isaac coming down backwards... ahhh!!!!

Last but not least one of the kids favorite character's SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

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