Monday, August 20, 2007


Straight after our Kings Dominion Adventure on Isaac's birthday we headed to Virginia Beach. This was also a surprise to the kids. Scott had a meeting for work the next morning so we made it a family affair. Luckily the kids and I didn't have to go to work. We got to play instead!

We went down two summers ago and stayed at the same hotel...the kids did remember this place. We got up early to head to the pool and beach.

The kids watching the many many many dolphins. At first when you see a fin in the water you think about JAWS! Then we realized they were dolphins. I know this is not a great picture...hoping for a new camera for my birthday with better zoom. If you can see the little grey spots...that's the dolphins! We must have seen 100 of them in a matter of hours about 150 yards out.

Our Beach Bums and Water Monkeys...

Once Scott finished up with his meeting we got to have lunch with cousins...
Mike Kelly MJ and Annabelle. Thanks for taking time to hang with us! Now for the 3+hour drive home.
It was a whirl wind trip, but will not soon be forgotten!

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