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2018 Germany and Poland

A warning before you begin there are a LOT of photos, but it's hard to pick just our favorites...we had a wonderful adventure!

February 2nd - Sunday 11th 

Scott was asked to go to some meetings in Poland and Liz tagged along because when are going to get the opportunity to see Poland?!  We planned a few days before and after his meetings to see some of the country.  We flew into Frankfurt, Germany and the adventure began.  

On the flight they had 3 different live tv options one was BBC News, CNN News and Sports...who would have guessed they were going to play the Capitals Game!?  

Found this on the bathroom wall

In Germany ...nicest taxi we've ever seen.  Didn't even recognize the name of the vehicle. 

Sights out of the taxi on the way to hotel

Our Hotel

Pringles Chips are very popular there..they had this vending machine just for Pringles in our hotel 

Our Room for 2 nights

A room with a VIEW...???  

They cooed all the time too....kinda soothing

A little sleepy from the overnight flight, but bundled up in MANY LAYERS and ready to check out Frankfurt on foot

Some sort of protest going on 
We kept our distance, but it seemed peacful

Scott and I just loved these trees

Mall Area

Balloon Man

This Shopping Mall has a strange circular hole through it...very cool looking!

Inside they had some crazy flavors, but when you walked in you knew where you were...smelled the same and looks the same.

In the long strip of the Mall there was a town square area.
It was Saturday so they had a huge outdoor market happening....
wine, beer, veggies, fruits, meat, cheese, bread...etc

We found this church museum and went in...found out we were actually crashing some party!  Got a couple appetizers and drink then ducked out!  


Mirror on a ceiling...

City area of R

Had a small bite to eat here...
Sandwich came with some strange tarter tasting sauce...???

Cool walking Bridge
Years ago you used to have to pay to go across it

Views from the Bridge

Pigeons...they are really big in Germany! 

Love Locks People place on the bridge
We heard they have to be removed once in a while b/c of the weight of them gets to be too much

Seriously Goofy Pug

On the other side of the bridge there was something like a flee market or yard sale going on

This guy was selling TONS of Dental equipment... kinda freaky!

These Ducks were on the bridge and they didn't quack they sounded like they were laughing at you

Another protest across the street from the main train station this one didn't seem as peaceful .... they had a loud speaker that sounded like it was from 1940's very spooky sounding.

POLIZEI (Police) ready for protest

Train Station

Inside the train station

Inside the McDonalds...we had to go look at the strange stuff they sold including hot dogs

As the day gets long it's starting to get dark and our feet are starting to tire out!

Shopping Mall
Thought we'd go in and find dinner and get warm!

Dogs are allowed in the mall

Dinner Time
Our waitress spoke NO English, but we managed to figure out food without meat in it and got some fresh pasta and thin baked pizza it was outstanding.
Funny story Scott swore he saw someone that looked like Mike Tyson at a table same face tattoo (who has that beside Mike Tyson)
Anyway later in the night we heard the manager getting all excited he was speaking German, but clearly the words Mike Tyson...ha ha ha!!!  Who knows, but it was pretty bizarre! 

Day 2

Breakfast near where the protesting was the day before. 
Across the street from the Train Station.

We took a Bus Tour around town (hopping on and off to see things)
It started snowing lightly 

Their Version of the Twin Towers nick-named 
Debit and Credit

Botanical Gardens

Some very pretty neighborhoods mostly look like they are apartments

Palm Trees....

A HUGE Park with lots going on it despite the freezing cold weather

We found a University

You can stand inside this artwork 

Bike Parking

 We found it crazy how close they parked and up on curbs....watching them take a 20 point turn to get in and out of spots was comical

Back to the Bus 

Time for lunch...all that walking wore us out!  
This place had a great view of the square that we were out the day before where the open market was going on.  Food was excellent.  

After we warmed up it was time to head back out on foot over to the other part of town.  We went to the Zoo, but didn't go in just walked around there and found some more awesome parks to walk through.  

This looked like a sports park
This was a goal for soccer

 Ping Pong Table 

Community Garden

Volleyball or bad-mitten 

BAT view finder

snow on my boots

Catching Snow Flakes

Day 3

Good Bye Germany

Leaving Frankfurt, Germany

HELLO Bydgoszcz, Poland

Our Hotel Holiday Inn

Not used to Negative Numbers on an elevator 

No Time to rest since Scott has work the next day lets get out and check out the town a little
These are the stairs next to the hotel that led us down to the Brda River

Famous 2004 Tightrope Sculpture over the Brda River

Do I look Cold?  Because it WAS!!!!

English Language Not Easy to come by here

At the Opera House

Time to stop for dinner...Italian never fails

To cross the main intersection near our hotel we had to go underground 

There were stores with food down there in small shops


Day 4

Scott has a little time before he heads out to work so we got up early and went out to take more pictures and explore
We wanted to get a picture of us in our "H" for the girls lacrosse team Twitter account back home

 Representing the H
It was cold we had to take the picture fast and zip our coats back up

Ice Skating Rink

Bowling Center

All 3 of these places are along the same strip of road

Time for Scott to work and Liz to venture off on her own

Muzeum Mydla i historii Brudu
Bydgoszcz: Museum of Soap and History of Dirt

Made my own soap

Scott's done with work so we tried out this Place for a drink

Day 5 

Another Day walking around and Scott at work

This park was my favorite to sit and watch birds 
I sat on the park benches and had my lunch

Botanical Garden was closed, but I walked along the fence to peak in


This tree has a heart


Scouted this place for Dinner...

Strange food, but good.  Both our meals had pears in them.

Boa in restaurant 

Day 6

Another Day of Walking around in the cold
Love the city and feel like I'm part of it now.  No more getting lost!

A  second earlier these fellas were all up on the building until I tossed up a small loaf of bread....I may have gotten pooped on?! 

Off to the Opera (musical)

The entire Musical was in done in Polish
There was however a small sign that would post the words in English to follow along
Nice that we know the story already

Walking back to the Hotel...
walk faster I'm frozen!

Day 7
Time to leave Bydgoszcz

Stayed in bed while Scott left for work 
Then packed bags so we'd be ready to go

We had time for lunch before we had to go to the Train Station

Now for the crazy Train Station
No one spoke English and not much of it around that place
Even the woman behind the glass was clueless to us crazy Americans

Peek a Boo

Welcome to Warsaw Poland

Room for 2 nights

Rain Shower was Heaven


Candy Burgers....

Dinner Time

We arrived late in the evening in Warsaw Poland
We only had one full day to explore so we stayed out all the next day

We loved coming across the parks

Scott standing on the pond!

American Embassy 

Not a fan of coffee over there so had to drop into a Starbucks

Now that I'm a little warmer and very happy it's back to the streets

Love the streets and all the different pavers, stone and rock


Good Bye Poland 
We had a wonderful adventure 
It was great to see the FL Coastline 

Home again Home again

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