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2013 Summer Vacation to Washington State

Prosser Washington

The kids and I flew into SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma Airport) on Wednesday July 17th.  Scott had to fly out later due to work.  We got our rental car and headed straight to Prosser (near the Tri-Cities area).  It was over a 3hr drive and the kids napped a little.  I loved the drive from the Downtown Seattle Area up into the mountains then into the desert area!  Wow just breathtaking!  

I haven't seen my Step Mom Linda (aka Mom & Grammy) in 13 years!  We talk and email ...I send pictures etc.  When we got there it was a bit of a screaming fest!  We couldn't believe it was really happening!  I was so thrilled to be in her arms again and I know she was over joyed too!  

When we got there my nephew Brett (who is 27) was there with his girlfriend and their puppy.  We visited outside and had to cool off inside at times!  Chris (my step sister) came after work to give me a few hugs too!  Is it me or have we not aged in 13 years!  LOL!  

Isaac photo bombing us with his fingers

 Isaac Getting in the picture

Cocoa...he's old blind and kinda deaf

Chloe and puppy Zoey

Out back visiting

We enjoyed some homemade enchiladas ( is such a great cook).  The company left us and we played some SKIP-BO.  Grammy found out what a card shark Isaac is!  He really does win a lot!  Drives you nuts!

Cocoa in Isaac's hat

Playing with the dog was a highlight believe it or not!  I think Cocoa acted a few years younger too!  
Big spring in his step!  

Day 2 Chloe waking with Cocoa in her bed!  Each morning I'd text mom and tell her I was awake.  Being on East Coast time the first day I was up before 5am, but she was too.  I think maybe we didn't want to waste a moment!  We meet in the kitchen and went out back on the patio everyday for coffee and chats!

Me  Aunt Stan and Mom

We ran some errands and took a ride to a town called Toppenish.  They have some amazing murals painted on the buildings there.  We were in hopes to take a tour, but the man was out at the doctor that day so we had to skip it.  No worries... Grammy found a Soda Shop to spoil her grand kids with some ice cream!

That evening we rode out to my step brother Lonne's house.  Got the grand tour inside and out.  

The view from the front and Brett's Garden 

Lonne (who just had his 50th Birthday a month before) Me and Mom

Lonne  Me  Mom  and  Brett

Rimrock Lake 

Rimrock Lake is a lake along the course of the Tieton River, in Yakima County, Washington state, USA.

We drove about 90 minutes up to Rimrock Lake where my sister Chris and her girlfriend Tami have a beautiful motor home ready and waiting for us to stay the night! we've never done that before, but guess what we are Pro's now!

Relaxing next to the Water
Me   Mom  and   Chris  (and Cocoa too)

The kids took some time practicing in the shallow water and now they are ready to head out to the island!  Aunt Chris is the BEST!  She took them out there and they just couldn't wait to get me over there too.  The great thing is there are no alligators (this isn't Florida), but the water is mighty chilly in the 50's!  I think the outside temps were high 80's that day maybe even hit 90 on day two!

Time to hang out on the dock and make some friends

Think they are worn out!  We had food, smores and Grammy and Chloe watched a movie inside.  We all played a card game too called Garbage.   Isaac won most of the hands...figures!

Tami and Chris

Sun was Setting

Movie Time...they watched "We Bought a Zoo"

Day Two at the Lake
I woke before anyone else and took a little jog around the campgrounds.  It was going to be a walk, but it was so chilly I decided to pick up the pace to a jog to keep warm!  There were probably a dozen rabbits on the trail too!  Crazy big!
Got back and mom was up so we went up to the store and waited for them to open to get Coffee!  After a while everyone joined us and we had breakfast up there.  (which is where I'm convinced Isaac left his blue hat he couldn't find)

After breakfast we packed up to head over to the island!

Dinner Time

Chloe being spoiled as usual being pulled around the island by Aunt Chris and Isaac on the mini boat

Chloe found a message in a bottle

Off to play some volleyball which wasn't very successful!  

Then we packed up and headed back to Grammy's!  I think we could have spent our entire vacation here and been happy as a calm.  The weather was perfect.  The water was awesome.  The views were BEAUTIFUL...think the kids said this numerous times throughout the day.  The company was half bad either!  Gosh I already miss everyone so much!

Back in Prosser....

I whipped up some Rita's and we got the Guacamole and Chips out!  Grammy made "the best brownies ever" so says Chloe...she's right too!  Played some cards, watched a movie or two, ran a couple errands in the convertible with the top down, hung out and visited too!  

The last night there Lonne came back over and Isaac was thrilled he was willing to play a little ping pong!  We all joined in the fun and played some.  Isaac was happpy he beat me, Grammy and Lonne once!  Uncle Lonne did beat Isaac once too!

Time to say good-bye till next time

Saying...see you later wasn't easy.  We have promises that Grammy will come visit us soon!  Then we can take her all over Florida and show her our favorite places.  Play cards, make good food, visit, hang in the pool and scream & hug!!!  

Monday July 22nd

We picked up Scott from SeaTac Airport and headed straight to Lynnwood.  I wanted to show the kids my old house I lived in from 7th-9th grade (my middle school years which they are in now).  The house looked amazing actually...a new large deck put on the front and the landscaping looked great!

We went to check into our hotel and planned to have dinner with Uncle Reed and Aunt Patty.  I saw them in October 2003.  Can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I last saw them.  Chloe's never met them and Isaac did as a 6 month old.  

Dinner at Scuttlebutt's

After Dinner we went to Patty's sisters Pam's House 

Chloe playing fetch with the dogs...LOL!

Staring Contest...who's gonna blink first!?

Next Location was very exciting... Doughnuts!  We saw this contest on the Food Channel and found out this place was close to Lynnwood in Mills Creek.  We stopped by Tuesday morning (oh and again on Thursday morning).  

Yes, that is bacon on a maple bar... Isaac said it was the BEST!

Not spicy enough for me, but it was delish!

The kid working the desk loved our enthusiasm and got a kick out of us coming from FL!  He was happy to see us show up again a couple days later!  

Chloe's stand by Sprinkles!

Isaac is eating one covered in Butterfinger bits!  

Boston Cream

Strawberry Shortcake...OMG!


Heading into Canada we lost reception with our phones...what do you do when you don't have stop at a gas station and buy a paper one...totally old school!  I'm not the best navigator I like the lady to talk to me on the phone!  

We're here at the excited!  

Not everyday you see a Zamboni on the back of a tow truck...Scott was pretty giddy! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park

This was a total tourist place.  Very cool though and we sure got a great walk in.  The bridge was a bit more shaky than I expected. 

A little history lesson before the bridge


OMGosh this is a long bridge!!!  

Tree Hugger

Lets count the rings...

This showed different birds and how big their wing span was...

View from under the end of the bridge

This jetted out off the cliffs...called the Cliff Walk

Took a ride up the road to see where we'll be tomorrow!  Our adventure will begin early on Grouse Mountain!

Back at the hotel we enjoyed the pool!  

Wednesday July 23rd

Grouse Mountain 

 Here we are on the Skyride up the mountain!  The views were outstanding!  Nice hot and clear day you can see for miles and miles!

We watched two video's first about Grizzly Bears Grinder and Coola who live there on the mountain and then about Tyto's Triumph a beautiful Barn Owl and his adventure.
The through the gift shop where we didn't purchase anything...ha!

Amazing wood carvings on the's just a few

Isaac's favorite 3 Sports! 

Chloe with the Mountain Mascot


You are right up in their faces!  

Showing off 

Time for a tour of the Nature Trail

Lumberjack Show
Highly Recommend this ... lots of laughs!

Birds in Motion Show
A bird flew right next to us and the man in front of us his hair actually moved from how fast and close that bird was to his head!  So cool!!!

Peak Chair Lift 

Wow this was high and just awesome to see the views

Back to the hotel to wake up early ...hit the Duty Free shop for a few souvenirs and back to the Good Ol' USA.  Quick Stop in the FROST Doughnuts Shop and into Seattle to go to the Zoo!

Thursday July 25th 

Woodland Park Zoo

Yes, I got a little sun from Canada of all places on top of the mountain.  I loved every second of it missing my HOT FL sunshine!  Although we couldn't have asked for nicer weather while we were in the Pacific Northwest!

Penguins are just too cute

Thankful we don't have these in Florida

She's just so cute!!!!

Please don't eat me!

A little learning never hurt him

What in the World???  

Grampy You would have loved the Giraffe there was even a new baby!

Isaac's hand compared to a Grizzly Bears

I've known Becki since the 7th grade!  She's living in Seattle with her hubby Scott (great name by the way) and daughter Molly ...Becki's expecting another little girl too!
The meet us at the zoo after Molly's naptime and lunch.

My oldest holding Becki's oldest!  

After the Zoo we went to a great little place 
Then checked into our hotel in Bellevue which was so close to downtown

Friday July 26th 

We headed straight downtown to the pier to meet up with my friend Lisa and her boyfriend Cash.  Lisa and I've known each other since the 7th grade and were neighbors for years.  I was lucky to be in Seattle visiting at this time because a week later Lisa and Cash were moving to Michigan!  Was great to say 'see ya later'!

We walked around Pike's Place Market  

The Famous Gum Wall!

 Apparently the wall was pressure washed on July 17th, but not all of it.  We were there after and saw plenty of gum all over the walls..we have the pictures to prove it!  Lisa and Cash had never seen it so it was a first for everyone except ME.  None of us had gum to place on the wall...but the kids had a great idea.  Set up shop there selling gum for those people who happened to be like us without an 'offering'...a possible money making opportunity!

Isaac At the Pier 

We took a tour of the bay with Lisa and Cash

Good Beer Selection

Good Ice Cream Selection

Pictures from the ship

Me and My Sweetie!

There's were amazingly massive Cargo Ships.  There was as Story about Rubber Ducks ...

"Thousands of rubber ducks and other bath-time toys are due to become the unlikely allies of oceanographers 11 years after they were cast overboard from a container ship en route from China to Seattle.
The floating flock of 29,000 ducks and their companions - turtles, beavers and frogs - is heading for the New England coast, bleached and battered after a journey around the Arctic. Oceanographers say the trip has taught them valuable lessons about the ocean's currents."

Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle

Inside and Out of Pikes Place

The very first STARBUCKS
Line was massive so we passed and just took a few pictures from the outside

Lisa and Cash had to head out to a 'going away party' so we said our 'see ya laters' and headed to the Seattle Aquarium

Another Great Day in Seattle at the end we decided on dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery in Bellevue.

Saturday July 27th

Back to Seattle near the Space Needle first thing in the morning.

I Spy Isaac and Chloe at the Bottom

EMP Museum 

Brittany and Shakira


Back out to the maze...Chloe won so she got to sit on Isaac

Visiting my Girlfriends

We've all been friends since the 7th grade at Kenmore Jr High in Lynnwood/Bothell Washington.  Ali and Mot were up from California going to their High School Reunion so it was perfect timing that I was visiting Seattle from Florida.  Becki is the one who stayed in the area.  

Ali  Me  Mot  &  Becki

Mike (Mot's Fiance)  Scott and some of Mike's friends

Becki with her daughter Molly and hubby Scott

My gang playing Scrabble

Chloe always the comedian .... PEE

Chloe got smacked in the head by Molly with a Bocce Ball

Isaac stubbed his toe and ripped it right open playing basketball

Time to say Bye to my friends until next time...maybe at Mot's wedding in November!

After the cookout with my friends we headed into Lynnwood.  Time to visit and have dinner with Reed and Patty again.  

Bunny with a Bunny in Reed and Patty's Backyard

Scott's Appetizer 

After dinner lets skip to the PIE

 Scott and Reed Picked this one Chocolate Pie

Chloe's Ice Cream and Whip

Isaac Apple with Ice Cream

Patty's Blackberry which I took the leftovers!

Not fun saying Good Bye!  Hopefully we won't wait so long to do this again!

Sunday July 28th   Our last full day in Seattle

Good Morning Seattle!

Thank you Patty for your left over blackberry pie it was the perfect accompaniment to my Starbucks Soy Iced Coffee!  

First things first we parked and made our way to the Pacific Science Center.  This place is HUGE and there was almost too much to do!  We could have used another half a day in there.

Now These are some Big Feet T-REX

Duckbill footprint with my Size 10's

Isaac in the Simulator

Chloe letting the universe revolve around her

May I take your order?

We saw the 3D IMAX movie HUBBLE it was outstanding!

Time for a lunch break so we at in the Armory and got some Fish & Chips

Isaac is photo bombing Chloe

Time for a break and head up to the Top of the Space Needle!  

 Waiting to get into Space Needle 

The maze the kids were playing on from above

Spiders painted onto the roof of this building

EMP Museum from Above

Another view of the maze and EMP from Needles elevator 

Starbucks from top of the Space Needle...Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Time to play at the Pacific Science Center again!  
Lets make paper airplanes

Real Black Widow Spider

Real and Ugly Naked Mole Rats

Weird Water Creature

We walked around outside and heard a lot of screaming girls.... 
We came around the corner to find that the teen sensation ONE DIRECTION was in town and the concert was getting ready to get underway.  The kids had never seen such a crazy mess!  

One last trip up to the top of the Space Needle to say Good Bye (till next time)!

A few last photos before we left...

The Space Needle take pictures of you in front of a green screen...

Super Awesome Vacation!
Sad to see it end, but we had a great time with zero 'down time' ...we need a vacation from our vacation!

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