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April 2017

Yes, there are a lot of lacrosse pictures!  There are a lot of celebration pictures on the blog this month as well and a fun photo shoot of the kids in the uniforms.  We had a great month and can't believe it's over.  The kids have less than a month of school left!  Hard to believe Chloe's first year of high school will be done.  Isaac will become a Senior which is unreal!  We always look forward to new adventures and can't wait to see what's next!

High School Lacrosse Season has come to a halt...

The girls ended their season with a record of 15 wins and 4 losses including their playoff game.  They went into their first district game against the team rival Oviedo (whom they beat during the regular season) and didn't win.  It was a sad day for the Seniors since it was their very last game, but a new beginning for the rising players to challenge for next year!  Chloe had a great season with 21 goals total, 11 assists and 33 ground balls!  Not too shabby for a Freshman!
The boys ended their season on April 13th with a loss to Lake Highland Prep.  They were the underdogs for this game, but almost pulled it was in their grasp.  Isaac had an outstanding game against them and we couldn't have been more proud of him.  They boys had a record of 17 wins and 2 losses including that last game.  They won their district game again this year and look forward to making it even farther next year (which will be Isaac's last year).

Game Day District Win Day 4/7/2017

Photo Shoot Day April 2017

I wanted to get pictures of the kids in their high school uniforms so we went over to the school and had a little photo shoot.  It was a lot of fun!  

Many Goofy Moments

It's hard to take a bad picture of HER

 Too much fun...

Got the Giggles....

This one cracks me up...what a goof!

Isaac's face....

Isaac the photo bomber...

This kid...ha ha ha

Time to play around...

Toss on some goggles

Hair Up

Still giggling hour + into the shoot

Will use her lacrosse stick to swat the boys away with!

Girls Banquet  April 18th, 2017

A lacrosse banquet is a special night for us to celebrate the season, the players, parents, volunteers and coaches.  This year felt extra special for Chloe.  I think it was the group she had...what a wonderful group of young ladies she was able to share such a winning experience with.  

Dad aka Coach  Cutie Player Chloe and Mom aka volunteer

Ashley and Chloe

Banners of our Senior Players

"SAC" Seminole Athletics Conference Trophy
Way to win them all Girls! 

We had 2 cakes which was 1 too many lots of leftovers which the staff at the country club was very happy to take home.  Here's the Varsity Cake with the girls team photo on it!

JV Squad

Varsity Squad

Grace Defense of the Year, Chloe Rookie of the Year, Jess Offense of the Year, Katie B. Heart of the Husky, Katie W. Ground Ball Winner and MVP

Chloe getting her VARSITY LETTER, Lacrosse Pin for first year. Lamp Of Knowledge Pin and Certificate for holding a 3.5 or grater throughout the season.  Her Rookie of the Year Award given by the coaches and lastly her certificate from the team captains "Most Likely to be Most Team Spirited"

Chloe and Katie B
In it together for the next 3 more years!  

Yearly the Conference holds a meeting with the head coaches and they vote on an honorary (2 actually) to vote in the best players from all the schools in the conference.  Your own coach can not vote for you to make it fair.  Chloe made the 1st Team All Conference in her position 'Attack'!  What a great honor...we are SO proud of her accomplishments this season. 

Boys Banquet  April 20, 2017

Isaac's freshman year 'banquet' was held in the cafeteria which was kinda uneventful.  They ate and got some awards, but it was forgettable.  Last year we had it at this country club and it felt like a great way to celebrate.  Happy to be back here for the boys again who deserve a night of recognition.  We lost our coach from last year and started a NEW season with a whole new playbook, new coaching and some new players who made quiet an impact.

Isaac very happy to spend time with his friends and be silly.

As I snapped the picture Isaac just happened to be on the SCREEN as well!  

Charlotte snapped this one with her cell for us...

Isaac received his Varsity letter last year, but each year they get a lacrosse pin for being on the team.  Isaac also received the "Lamp of Knowledge" pin and certificate for holding a GPA of a 3.5 or better throughout the season.  Very proud of this young man!

This wonderful lady is a grandma to one of the Seniors on the team...she's also one of Isaac's favorite Substitute Teachers at the high school (her husband is the other).  She's a huge lacrosse fan and HUGE Isaac Fan!
Below she's giving him "The Magic" they do this before every game!

Mrs. Dixon and Isaac

Isaac holding "Timmy" he's the board you see below.  The boys on the team give it to one player who they think did the best to take home after each game.  Isaac got it on the last game and we'll be watching "Timmy" over the Summer.

Isaac had a sensational year as you can see!  
Isaac was voted in as well on the All Conference Team.  They only allow one goalie per team.  Isaac made team 2 which is outstanding!  He really had a fun year and we hope next year (his last) will be even better!

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn sent some goodies to the kids to congratulate them on their wonderful seasons.  Kids love having them in the stands cheering them on!

Now we move onto Summer Club lacrosse....

We look forward to Summer Club for Scott and Chloe.  The club BEAST has grown and we've now got a waiting list.  It's such a fun experience to play with other girls from many different high schools and become a huge BEAST family.  We look forward to all the tournaments and opportunities in May, June and July!


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