Sunday, May 18, 2014


Spring Jamboree 2014

Jamboree Spring 2014

Rain Make-up on Our Own

Saturday May 10th

The CFGYL Girls Jamboree got canceled due to heavy rains the weekend before.  Coach set up a new day, but it was just our team (younger and older) no other competition.  Some girls couldn't make it at all due to mother's day weekend plans, but the ones that did make it had a BLAST!  

Before Isaac had to jump in the goal for the 2nd half of the girls game he was playing some Football with some other sibling brothers.

 My Two Athletes 

Chloe and Sydney

Isaac during the quick mini games playing w/ the girls

Now the fun begins for MOM... this was my warm up for the "BIG GAME"

Oh yes, that's ME in the goal and doing a pretty good job I might add.  The parents DID NOT take it easy on me at all.  May I also point out that there were pro's out there... some high school girls lacrosse girls who could really rip it in there!  Plus Isaac and Scott who ripped it right at my face ...hey but I did save those!

Some of the parents and siblings... 
Guys VS Gals

Isaac and Charlotte who is one of Isaac's team mates mom's she also has a daughter on Chloe's younger team.  Also Referee Valarie in the background 
At one point Charlotte grabbed Isaac stick and just threw it on the ground...was funny!

I have a new found perspective as a goalie mom..
Isaac takes much harder shots than I probably did and it's NOT easy and quite frightening when that's coming at you!  
The view is AMAZING really can see the whole game from that point.  As Isaac said..
"Yes, the best view in the house BUT it comes with a price"
No doubt!

Above in the lime green is coach Brad...below coach Scott and coach Scott
Fun to say Scott and they both look

Award time...

Congratulations on a another amazing season!  

Monday, May 12, 2014


Chloe's in the National Junior Beta Club

Chloe's Induction to the Beta Club

May 9th, 2014

During the ceremony

Junior Beta Club Pledge

 "I hereby declare that I shall always strive to be honest and truthful at all times; to maintain a creditable scholastic record; to be of service to my teachers and fellowmen; to conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit upon my school and my community."

Beta Club Motto

"Let us lead by serving others"


 MaKayla  Ashley  &  Chloe

TeTe & CoCo

Dominic & Chloe
Along with a bunch of friends playing tag afterwards

We're all so proud!

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