Sunday, January 20, 2019


2018 November to 2019 New Year

November 11th 

Wishbone Lacrosse Tournament in Apopka
Chloe had bronchitis and probably has little to no recollection of this weekend.  Poor thing was so sick, but her love of lacrosse is bound to take over. 

Sleeping Beauty

Seriously Showing off how strong her lungs are...yet she coughed and coughed
All Day Long!!!

Coach crazy!!!

Please don't take a picture of me...

Presidents Cup 

November 16-18

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

The girls got their 'new' borrowed uniforms from the Storm Team they were playing for this weekend

Some Shirts we thought were relevant for Chloe

Just FYI Chloe's still fighting Bronchitis and has now gotten an inhaler even though her doctor said you should probably sit out playing the next 2 weeks.  Chloe gave the doctor a stink eye and said NOPE!  


Chloe having THE CONVERSATION with college coach from Palm Beach Atlantic.  She had made the choice to say yes, but was very blessed to have the conversation in person with him.  Happy he could sit and watch (even though she was hacking up a lung).  


Thanksgiving Celebrations

Nothing like having a little fun with the Grandparents!

Putt Putt Anyone

When we got home there was a gift from our friend Charlotte 

Got her first start of PBA GEAR!
Go Sailfish!

November 27th
Signing Day

For all the SENIORS who are committed to playing a college sport this was the Fall signing day.  We had 3 lacrosse girls so the coach is invited to go and be part of the festivities.  

Ashley (Chloe's BFF) with her family and the coaches

Ashley's team Mates that were there that day (oh and me) LOL

Chloe Supporting Ashley wearing her FL Tech Shirt

My friend Shannon made cookies for the girls that were signing and I helped decorate them... it was a blast!  She made Chloe a PBA Cookie!

November 28th
Zoe Arrives

Isaac's Christmas Gift came early...a hedgehog he named Zoe

Wish the Cage stayed this clean...boy is she messy!

Tis the Season

December is upon us and it was time to decorate the house since we were staying close to home this year.  I really love sitting with all the tree lights on and relaxing watching holiday movies. 

Early Christmas Gift for Family Outing
UCF Basketball Game

 3rd Annual Girls Lacrosse Sock and Cookie Exchange

This year was a scavenger hunt teams went with some dad chauffeurs and had to send in photos via text to the headquarters.  Think everyone had a blast!  The coaches even formed a team so the 3 of them were out running wild!

Reindeer Rumble
December Lacrosse Event

Fun Group of Girls playing 7v7 lacrosse all with a new Santa Uniform

They got to pick their own Names...
Candy Cane, Merry Manda, Chloe Claus, Nutcracker, Angry Elf, Jingle Bells, Xmas EVE, Frosty...a couple girls missing, but all the names suited them well!

Chloe's sitting for friends over the holidays

Xmas Eve Lunch Date with Family

Christmas Eve 

Chevy Chase and Scott both drinking NOG from a moose cup

Chloe Opened her Vera Bradley Bags from Grandma Early so she could use them while house sitting!

Christmas Day

My stepmom made this beautiful quilted table top

Not sure what she's laughing about, but she's happy

Ms. Denise always finding the Ornament that suits the year they've had...
Isaac has a graduation Guy
Chloe has a lacrosse Gal (in PBA colors)

IFly With Grandpa

A gift from them a while ago, but now all are healthy and well enough to enjoy it!

Tour of Palm Beach Atlantic

Chloe and I have seen the University a couple times and had tours, but Chloe wanted to share it with Scott and Isaac.  



Athletic Complex

Happy New Year 2019

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