Monday, November 16, 2009

Troung Family Over for Visit

James, Brian, Isaac and Chloe wanted to have an adventure in the paddle boat...
well they got one!

They began to notice with all 4 kids in the boat it was heavy and sinking in the back...

Dad to the rescue

The lake is not too deep and they were very close to shore, but having trouble with the steering.

Good thing we have another boat

Downtown Disney with the Myers Family

The Myers Family came down to Florida to Disney for the 1st time! I was so happy they took a few hours to spend with us.
We meet them at Downtown Disney for dinner and the kids got to play a little too!

Julie & Me

The kids...growing too fast!

Erin sizing up Chloe (Chloe's older by 9 months)

We found a rock pit for the kids to play in...

Self Family Portrait
Friday the 13th of November

What on earth is this?

Hammock Weather is upon us!


We had a nice surprise this week...
Uncle Ivan popped in for a visit! He flew in from Alaska and we got to have him with us for a night before he headed South.

Bella and Lucy made themselves at home with him very quickly!

The kids were so happy to see him at the house when they got home from school. They even got him to play a few board games...

We look forward to another visit from him before he heads back to Alaska in April.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall Lacrosse Over

One of the moms had this cake made with the team picture on it...

Isaac's last game was on Halloween. The won and played their best game of the season! Isaac even got to play defense. He can clear the ball way past the mid line! Go Isaac!

Chloe's last game was on Halloween morning. Her head coach decided to let the kids decorate their lacrosse sticks 'tis the season'! Chloe decorated an extra stick so she could play with her original stick.

This was the top of Chloe's stick..she put on her bear, tiara and super girl dress!

The kids all got a trophy and cupcakes which was a lot of fun! We look forward to playing again in the Spring!
Our coaches were awesome with the kids.

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