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2018 Banquets and Graduation

Boys Lacrosse Banquet May 2nd, 2018

Final boys banquet night went well.  Sad to end our season, but a wonderful way to celebrate with both the Varsity and JV teams with their families.
Isaac walked away with 3 awards that evening.  One was the Lamp of Knowledge earning a 3.5 gpa or better while playing sports.  He also got awarded 1st Team All Conference for his Goalie position  (Last year he was 2nd team).  To top of the evening he was awarded MVP for the Varsity team!

All the Seniors
Connor Dom Jarrett Isaac Owen Chris Dan Bradley Jackson Gunner Zac

My bestie Charlotte

Sebbie (JV goalie) and Isaac (Varsity goalie) became really good friends this year and a bond that can't be broken!  
Both with JV and Varsity MVP Awards!  

The right way to end a lacrosse career playing since the fall of his 2nd grade throughout his 12th proud of Isaac!  

Graduation Announcement

Can't believe this day has come when it's time for Isaac to finish High School!  Seems like just yesterday he was in elementary and middle school.
Isaac is very excited for high school to be over.  After he found out he was accepted to UCF a massive weight was lifted and he felt he could breath.  He's so ready for some new experiences, meeting new people and taking classes that will truly interest him.  

 Back Yard Bash

On Friday before graduation the Seniors pick up their caps, gowns and tickets then rehearse for their graduation.  After they've taken care of business they get to come party a little.  We had food, prizes, blow up toys, photo booths, a DJ and money machine!

Elias and Isaac

Scott and I volunteered to set up and then we were in charge of the photo booths

V and Isaac

Isaac in the Money Machine $101 in 20 seconds

Day Before Graduation

Looking at the scrapbooks of Isaac and reminiscing about all the old times.  Also watching some fun family home video's of baby Isaac!

Isaac with Grandma 

Chloe hanging out

Gift Granny and Grampy wanted Isaac to open before Graduation so he could 'wear' it

Bella LOVES Grandpa


Monday May 21st

The end of a great run in high school.  Isaac was such a great student and only deserves the very best graduation day.

So happy we could have family come and spend the day with us...
Grandma Gallant
Grampy and Granny
Grandpa and MiMi (aka Grandma Marilyn)
Uncle Chris and Alex

Chloe and Ashley

Getting ready for it to start

These are all blurry, but you can see him sort of

Isaac Shaking Principals hand and getting his diploma handed to him

Party Back At the House

Opened some gifts and cards

Bella...Ms. Needy Pants

We had such a stormy day on graduation that we didn't get to take pictures outside.  A few days later we had a reprieve from the downpour of rain that we took a quick trip to the statue at UCF and took a few pictures of the Graduate!

Congrats Isaac... 
keep up the hard work it's only just begun!

Chloe's Turn...

Girls Lacrosse Banquet May 22nd, 2018

The girls banquet was so late in the year almost the end of school!  They just kept winning so we had to push it far away.  These girls are one great group!  Sure proud of all their accomplishments!

Chloe's table

Head Coach Mitch Talking

JV Team with their Awards

Varsity Team with their Awards

Chloe and BFF Ashley

One of the girls banners

Chloe won the HARD HAT AWARD
Always giving her best and hard working!
They give this throughout the year at practices and games.. whichever girl was chosen that day for their hard effort takes it home and writes a word on it with their number.  At the end one girl takes it home as a season award.

The Varsity Team that went to the final four got a nice gift from Coach 
New Quarter Zips!

What more is there to say than how proud we are of them all!

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