Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disney Pictures

These pictures were actually taken by the Disney people. I have a few of these that are similar to there photos.

Monsters Inc.

Pluto and Kids

Test Track
Isaac and I in front
Scott and Chloe in back

Visiting a Prince from Narnia

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Night Swim

Flag Football Game #1

Chiefs VS Colts

Isaac started flag football for the Fall season. Scott is the coach not really by choice, but no one else stepped up so he stepped in. We didn't have a win in our first game, but we did have a great time. Having practice twice a week now will help the kids learn the skills they need and enjoy each game.

Happy Birthday ... early & late

Since we can't be together on our birthdays Chris wanted to give us some gifts and celebrate while he was here.
We got a big cookie from the grocery store and it was yummy!

The boys played Risk...Uncle Chris won!
Chloe and I played a few games...
My Little Pony
Card Game

Time to Relax & Have Fun

Scott tried out his new fishing pole

Puppies showing off their mad swimming skills

Uncle Chris playing with his favorite niece and nephew

Uncle Chris Came To Visit

Chris came Monday evening and stayed until early on Sunday. The puppies were happy to welcome him and make him into a nice resting spot.

Spoiled girls on the new couch


Congratulations to Isaac for his FISH Award. Isaac has received a few awards and in mid week they get put into a drawing for one student from each grade to have lunch with the principal and vice. Chloe has also received a couple awards, but has not got picked at the drawing.

Morning Moon

I wake around 6:30am or 7am if I'm tired. I woke to this beautiful moon over the lake and got a few pictures before the sun came up on the other side of the house.

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