Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Christmas In Florida

December 15, 2012

We celebrated here at home a little early this year.

"Christmas" morning...well after pancakes

Chloe dressed up

Isaac not so much

Chloe opening some gifts

Scott catching all the action on film

Isaac opening some of his gifts

Isaac got some new lacrosse stuff which is always a good thing!

Gram Linda sent Isaac the new Batman movie! She made Chloe and I beautiful cosmetic bags filled with nail goodies and smell good stuff!

Big Family gift this year...

Isaac doing his happy dance...

Kids and their gifts

Scott's gift... NOT!

3 hours later....

Break time for Chloe...the dogs don't particularly care for the basketballs!



Saturday, December 15, 2012


Christmas Card Pictures

At the end of November we gathered out in the backyard to do one of our pictures to be presented on our Christmas Card. We had a fun time racing back and forth to the camera pushing the timer button and getting in position. The dogs were pretty good too!

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