Sunday, January 31, 2010


Monster Jam

At the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL

I'd like to thank Jamie for my first and Monster Jam experience. Last September Jamie, Scott, Isaac, Chloe and Landon went to a Monster Jam in Jacksonville and had a great time. It was my turn to go with them. It was interesting! A lot like the WWF the fake wrestling on TV.

Here's us in our seats getting ready to Jam!

It was held at the Citrus Bowl in downtown Orlando. Here are some completely unrelated facts about the Stadium, but I found interesting!

The Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium

Quick Facts
Construction: 1936
Last Addition: 1989
Capacity: 65,438
Turf:419 Bermuda Grass
Construction Date Capacity
1936 10,000
1952 12,000
1968 17,000
1976 52,000
1989 65,438
Capacity increases to 70,000 with temporary bleachers in north end zone.

I think they said the Monster Jam was almost sold out or was? That's a lot of people.

A bunch of pictures of the trucks...

Motorcycles come out and show off their stuff...which would have been the best part of the show, but Chloe had to use the bathroom and as soon as we got back in our seat this poor kid crashed and the motorcycle part was over.

Car Flip

The Soccer Mom's of Florida got to race and crash into each other...sounds like fun!

Good Night

Guy's Day of Singing

Isaac was asked by his music teacher at school if he would like to participate in a day event for music. It's held by Seminole County Public Schools and it's their 3rd Annual "Guy's Day of Singing". Isaac is game for any type of music!

I took him and was able to chaperon the boys from our school for the first 2 hours. They got started at 9am and had a concert at 2:30pm. Isaac's group learned 4 songs. One was sung with the older 'changed voices' group and it was an African song.

This is Isaac with his group from school and their music teacher

There were 300 boys who signed up to sing in this event. They were given the music and taught how to sing it in the few hours before the concert at 2:30pm. It was so beautiful and just awesome!

This is the Treble Voices Choir (smaller group of younger boys)

They sang 3 songs:
Music Alone Shall Live
A Tragic Story
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The older group was mostly made up of Middle and High School boys a few were Elementary. They sang 3 songs as well:
Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117) sang it in German
Marry a Woman Uglier Than You (funny one)
Tell My Father, From The Civil War

This is the 2 groups together they sang: Somagwaza in Traditional African

Dog Door

If you've been to our house you know we have a dog door on our screened in patio area. Now it was here when we moved in and have tried it with the dogs, but it's too heavy for their little bodies.

I found a smaller and lighter door at Home Depot. Mitch was fixing our kick panel to one of the two doors and we had him add it on!

This is the door before it got painted and before the panel got put on...

We are still in process of teaching the dogs to use it. Lucy I think has got the skill.

Bella on the other hand is a much tougher nut to crack!

You know how some people stick out their tongue when they concentrate...I think Lucy does too!

New Addition:
Our Fire Pit

We have some friends in our neighborhood that put a wonderful fire pit in their side yard. Scott has wanted to get a fire pit since we moved in, but we have been thinking it wouldn't be good to put a portable one inside the screen and where would we put it outside...well thanks to the Philpot Family we stole their idea!

Our design is a bit different than theirs, but they gave us a spring board. It's not a complete project yet...I am in the process of buying a few plants to go in large pots on top of the rocks. We've looked at the plants already and know what we want, but waiting on some of this cold weather to go away before I plant.

Our friend Mitch (Chloe's BFF's dad) is awesome! We gave him some idea of what we wanted and he helped us plan it out and put it in for us in 3 days! He was done with the pit before I was done with the chairs that go with it!

My 6 adirondack chairs I stained and then polyurethaned. I have to give thanks to Scott for putting them together...not my cup of tea! I ordered 2 other chairs that came already stained and a lot less pieces to put together plus a table (not shown in the pictures. Hopefully we've got enough chairs for our guests!


Scott working by the pit

Another amazing Sunset

Gator Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland In Florida
Early January

As you might have heard we have seen our fair share of cold weather here in Florida this winter. We had 11 straight days of freezing temps! Winter is not over, but we're praying it will stay close to 40 at night and not in the 20's and 30's.

Our lake in the early morning with a thick layer of frost on everything!

Pictures of our frozen lakes and ponds in our neighborhood

Ice on the plants and grass

We took action and covered least I tried!



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