Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Addition:
Our Fire Pit

We have some friends in our neighborhood that put a wonderful fire pit in their side yard. Scott has wanted to get a fire pit since we moved in, but we have been thinking it wouldn't be good to put a portable one inside the screen and where would we put it outside...well thanks to the Philpot Family we stole their idea!

Our design is a bit different than theirs, but they gave us a spring board. It's not a complete project yet...I am in the process of buying a few plants to go in large pots on top of the rocks. We've looked at the plants already and know what we want, but waiting on some of this cold weather to go away before I plant.

Our friend Mitch (Chloe's BFF's dad) is awesome! We gave him some idea of what we wanted and he helped us plan it out and put it in for us in 3 days! He was done with the pit before I was done with the chairs that go with it!

My 6 adirondack chairs I stained and then polyurethaned. I have to give thanks to Scott for putting them together...not my cup of tea! I ordered 2 other chairs that came already stained and a lot less pieces to put together plus a table (not shown in the pictures. Hopefully we've got enough chairs for our guests!


Scott working by the pit

Another amazing Sunset

Gator Family

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