Monday, May 30, 2011

May 21-28, 2011

Isaac and Chloe got to take their very first cruise! We had a great time on our pre-summer family vacation.

Checking out the boat...

Taking a Dip

Isaac in a minute to win it game...

Water Slides!

Balcony in our room

Close quarters in our bathroom

A weeks worth of Towel Creations...

Nassau, Bahamas
This was our first port of call and we decided since we've been here a few times before we'd just take a lazy day at the beach. We just walked there since it was less than a mile away. The kids tried our their snorkel gear for the first time.

Chloe and I went through the straw market so she could buy a few gifts for her friends then we got back on the boat.

Enjoying our some laughs at the Comedy Club "The Punchliner"

At dinner one night... Isaac got up to dance as part of our entertainment. We had other entertainment at our table...our 'table mates' were a family with a 4 year old little boy and 2 year old little girl. It was amusing to say the least!

The following night at the comedy club again...great comedians!

Late night to enjoy a movie on the big screen on the Lido Deck with the 24hour pizza and ice cream...

Catamaran Boat Ride and Snorkel in St. Thomas

On this snorkel trip two of the crew members took us on a 'tour' in the water! It was the first time this has ever happened to us. Tim was a great guide. He would dive down and bring up sea creatures for people to see and or hold. He brought up a brittle starfish and a sea urchin. He'd also point things out that we may have missed. In the end he swam through a large ship wreak as we watched!
The company was Castaway Girl (recommend them)!

Walking around St. Thomas

Local Wild Life

Watching a man put a small tv on a tiny boat...

St. Marteen
Our last port of call we took another catamaran trip to snorkel again. The kids loved it! On this trip we got to jump off the side of the boat (a lot) after we were done snorkeling...we had a blast. I think we were the only family doing this over and over again!!! The sand and beach area was beautiful!

Chloe Jumping

Scott being Pushed

Isaac Jumping


Chloe taking our pictures while we were floating in paradise!

Isaac and I went back on the Island after our snorkel trip to do a little shopping

Our last two days were sea days so we found lots of fun stuff to do on the boat. Chloe took some pictures around the boat...

Chloe and Me

One of our favorite things was to play Mini Golf!

Scott Juggling golf balls

Isaac and Scott playing mini golf-hockey

Chloe's friend

The Warehouse ...aka... arcade!
Another favorite place for the kids (ok and the parents too) plus the basketball courts which I didn't get photos of.

All the food made us a little crazy...

Family Portrait on Fancy Night

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