Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All and to All a Good Night!

Men in the concept!

Not sure if we were in the twilight zone or what...first there are men making the meal then we have 75 degree weather and eat outside...







Emma playing and Chloe working...

Family and Food what more could you ask for...

As you can see we had a lovely Thanksgiving at Chris and Jane's. For some reason I didn't get pictures of everyone...must have been hiding! Chris and Jane spent the day before preparing for all of us to come. The food was outstanding and we couldn't have asked for better weather. The kids had a great time...even the big kids.
Hope all your Thanksgivings were fabulous!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank you Pilgrims and Indians!

Chloe's class had a wonderful concert for the parents last week. Our little pilgrim was so beautiful!

Scott and I enjoyed it so much. We have to take advantage of these wonderful programs when they happen. What a fun day!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Halloween

The week before our neighborhood had a fun Halloween party for the kids. They did a short parade through the paths, played games and got some great food.

Halloween Day Chloe's kindergarten class was to dress as scarecrows. Now Chloe being the fashion Diva that she claims to be had issues wearing flannel. Thank you GAP for carrying something that resembles plaid and flannel that looks 'cute'. She also had some fun looking jeans and don't forget her cowgirl boots!

Adam and Chloe are in class together...What a pair!

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the kids. Scott and I returned home from our trip the night before so Granny helped Isaac pick out a new costume.
Isaac decided he loved Thomas' costume so they could be twins. And the Martin's gave Chloe a Super Girl suit so she and Amy were also twins! It's a growing trend with the kids year to year...we keeping up with the Martin's!

Chloe with her pumpkin ...Thanks for helping Granny!


Isaac's pumpkin...thanks Uncle Ryan for helping!

Super Girl and Dracula

Adam Superman...Thomas and Isaac Dracula

2 Very Super Girls...Amy and Chloe!

Granny wanted to join in the fun and go Trick or Treating with us!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hoover Damn and The Grand Canyon
October 27th, 2007

Scott and I decided to spend our anniversary at some extraordinary places.

We drove to the Hoover Dam (only about 25 minutes from Vegas). From all the movies we've watched there was this huge white line that went over the middle of the damn separating Nevada and Arizona...there's no such line!

We were in awe of the dam anyway. We took the tour and got to see something many people don't get to see. They were doing maintenance on one of the turbines so we got to see it and take pictures of it. The pictures do not do it justice at all. It was massive and weighs 600 tons! They had to use both cranes inside, because each crane will hold 300 tons.

The turbine has not been seen by anyone in 23 years...

The cranes in ceiling (where the American flag is attached) move back and forth. There is one you can see in the picture and one in the back of it. The turbine is located inside the machines below.

On one side the dam is holding all this water back. We were told it was low and has been dropping each year for the last 7 years.

On the other side is where the magic happens...

In the picture above on the top of both sides you can see a bridge...or the start of one. They are building a bypass. As of now large trucks are not allowed to cross over the dam for security reasons so they have to go a long way around. After this bridge is finished they'll be able to save a lot of time on their drive. It's massive and pretty unreal.
Here's another view...

Last but not least...US!

After we finished expanding our knowledge of the Hoover Dam we took a drive to the west end of the Grand Canyon. It was about 2 hours away. The scenery was lovely. If you've ever been there you know the last few miles isn't a walk in the park. Once you turn on to the road leading you in it's 14 miles of dirt, dust and rough road. Then you get a few more miles of pavement. Once all of your insides have been giggled around for 14 miles at about 25 miles per hour (30 minutes) need to use the facilities. After you take care of business there is a bus that will drive you to the 3 spots they have there. They are all very close together, but enough space not to walk.

Our first spot was the Indian area. We had fun watching the cowboy show, learning some tricks, took a wagon ride from an Indian as he told us stories and ate lunch there.

Scott lassoing a fake cow and throwing axes...

Cowboy show...nice view of the canyon behind them.

Our Indian and Wagon Ride...

After that we went to a spot where they have built the SKY WALK. We didn't pay to go out on the walk as it was $25 a person and you couldn't take your camera or anything out there with you. The view from the side was spectacular anyway so there was no real want or need to walk out.

Sky Walk...

In the last 2 weeks the man that works there was telling us the rock has been breaking way. There was now a large 2 foot gap breaking away from the scenery area. The piece breaking way was about 15 yards worth of rock/cliff.

Here you can see the "laying dog" on top...

And to the left of us you can see the eagle with his wings spread out and right behind the rock we are standing on is the cracking of the cliff...

A nice gift from above...rainbow!

At the last stop we were able to go right to the edge of the cliff. It was breath taking!

The Colorado River below...

Scott on top!

Some of the canyon...

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