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2016 November and December

Celebrate Chloe Turning 15

She and her friends have very busy schedules, but they managed to find some time on a Sunday afternoon to hang out and celebrate Chloe turning 15!  Love these girls that they are fun and happy and not drama!  At one point in the day the girls took over the camera so that made it even more fun when we looked at all the pictures... good times!

Chloe  Aliyah  Laila  Coco  Ashley 
Taylor  Serena

Isaac had to help out the Base

Needless to say they had a marvelous time!

Wishbone Girls Lacrosse Tournament 

November 12-13, 2016

Scott coached a middle school team during this tournament and Chloe played on a team from Arizona called Top Flight.  The girls had 6 from Arizona, 1 from Tampa and then 5 from our high school.  What a fun mix of girls from 9th grade to 12th grade.  They really killed it that weekend with only one sub!  


Chloe got tripped by the girl to the left who offered to help her back up... but she was also cleated by her and was bleeding.  This didn't hold Chloe back, but she was sore to say the least!


Day 2

Chloe and Ashley
Last Game of the Day

College Tours this Fall/Winter

 University Of North Florida
Scott and Isaac went here to check things out!

Florida State University
Isaac and I went on a Friday which was a great time to go and see lots of students still on campus.  See how 'real life' was there.  We took a long tour and we both loved it!  

Florida International University 
All 4 of us went and missed the main tour, but we sat through the informational part and walked about the campus on our own. 

University of Miami
All 4 of us went on an extensive tour of this campus.
Napping Pod

Florida Atlantic University
All 4 of us toured this on our own.  What a fun time we had!

New Vehicle for Scott

We had to put the van out to pasture

Already loading it full of Lacrosse Gear!

Girls out having some fun


Thanksgiving 2016

Touring of Florida

We started our Thanksgiving in DeLand with Dad and Marilyn.  What a wonderful meal!  We had a nice time visiting and watched some football.  The food was excellent and it was so nice to be with family!  We don't see enough of each other.  Busy lives, but when we do get together it's great.  We are very thankful!

Our bellies were full and we had a 2+ hour drive to Tampa...

 Chloe under that blanket

Our Second stop was Tampa
We met Mom and Dave there for dinner and a visit.  They were heading out on a cruise the following day and had time to spend with us.  It was so nice to have time with them!

Now it's the countdown to Christmas...

Cupcake Time...
Chloe got this cupcake maker from her friend Serena on her birthday and she's put it to some good use already!  Yummers!

No cupcakes for Bella...

Girls final Fall Ball Lacrosse Game

Orlando Open Boys Lacrosse Tournament
December 3-4, 2016

Day 2

Rachael, Isaac and Chloe ...ready for a great day of lacrosse!

Christmas Time is Here at Last

Thanks to Ms. Denise we had some crafts for Christmas.  She sent us Popcorn Balls to decorate an entire kit!  Isaac and his girlfriend Rachael started them.   

Chloe's had a snowman and reindeers

And I made a little house, reindeer and snowman in the yard

Ms. Denise sends the most fun gifts!!!
We love this Xmas movie and watched it right away!  Too Funny!
Each year she sends the kids an ornament that shows something special for the certain year this year they kids got a NY City Ball ornament!  PERFECT!

The kids decided to surprise us and do a treasure hunt for our Christmas gift.  Scott and the kids put on their Rollerblades and I got on the bike we headed out...
Had stops along the way to the high school and at the High School and the elementary school.  What a fun day despite the moment when I feel in a fire ant pile and got bit...ugh!  Never a dull moment!

A little thanks from us to the kids for such a nice surprise
Jeremiah's Ice Cream

Isaac and Rachael's Christmas

An Early Christmas Opening for Us...

Then it was time for our Christmas Vacation on the Cruise...

Norwegian EPIC
Out of Port Canaveral 
December 23-30, 2016

Found the basketball courts right away...

Our New home for 7 days

Decmeber 23rd

Chloe attacking the Rock Wall

Boys entertaining us on the basketball Courts

Isaac loved his basketball court ...he was there at least twice a day for hours

Scott on the Courts with Isaac

Chloe too...

Isaac and Chloe on the court

Chloe hitting the treadmill in the gym

Decmeber 24th
Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

This was Norwegian's private island so it was filled with food drinks and lots of fun stuff to do.  We had a to take a tender boat out to the island.  We were told there would be a towel exchange on the island and guess what no towels for us.  I started to take a picture and my camera battery was dead...GREAT!  Thank Heavens Chloe brought her cell phone to take pictures so that's what we used.  The day was perfect, sunny, not too hot, but the water was a bit chilly for LIZ!  

Scott far left with Caps had on... Isaac in the sand on the right

December 25th
Christmas Day
We took some pictures on the ship and dressed up a little...

December 26th
Jamaica ...NOPE
Winds were too strong we couldn't dock the ship.  They tried going to another port and there were already two ships there...just not enough room at the INN.  We were very sad since this is the one place we'd never been and wanted to go.  We had booked a white water rapid tubing excursion...guess it'll have to wait till another year. 

December 27th
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
We got off the boat (it was a tender stop as well so had to take the smaller boat onto the island) and we were concerned we might need our passports since we left them on the ship and saw a sign that was posted "Take ID Passports" so we asked one of the crew members in charge on the port she said YES you need them.  Well Scott got back in line to go on the ship...the kids and I waited it took approximately an hour.  We missed our excursion of kayaking/snorkel.  We ended up getting a trip to the beach excursion which wasn't the greatest.  Needless to say not the best day, but it's hard to complain when your in the Caribbean sun!

7 Mile Beach

December 28th
Cozumel, Mexico 

What a perfect day to be in Mexico!  We went to La Playa Mia which is a beach resort for the day.  There was so much to keep us busy there! 

In the Cafe area was a nativity scene and tree

Blow up toys in the time!

Water Slide Time

Pool and Hot Tub


Spotted a few fish here and there also a camo looking stingray
dove down for some shells too

Pelican didn't care that people were swimming he just kept diving right in next to the shore!

View from the cafe area...watching kids out on the blow up toys for the 2nd time today


Paddle Boats

 Kayaking with Dad

Ride into Town and Chloe took some pictures from the cab

Last night on the ship we went to watch one of their shows "Burn the Floor" it was excellent!

Break from Reality...

Hopefully everyone had a very happy and safe holiday!


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