Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Smyrna Beach
Last weekend

This was our first trip to New Smyrna Beach. We were told it was closer than CoCo Beach, but not so. It wasn't too far though. It was a very nice beach and pretty popular. I think as of March and April it's become Spring Break time so the beaches will be a bit more crowded. We drove around a bit and some some awesome homes with great views.

This was the puppies first trip to the beach...they really liked it! They even got a bit warm and took a dip in the ocean.

Isaac and Chloe couldn't get enough of the waves and sea water. They had a great time playing in the waves. Some of them were pretty big. We got to see some surfers doing their 'thing'.

Doggies had to stay on their leash. We let them off a few minutes here and there. Lucy got away from us and started to lick a sun bather...thank goodness that guy had a sense of humor and didn't scream when a little black thing started to lick him!

Kids working on their sand castles! They used some of their gift card money from Christmas to use on beach gear...good plan!

Our little Lucy

Napping on Dadda

Sand on her head

Bella sniffing the salty air

Bella is a little tense and on edge most of the time...she doesn't lay down unless her she can't help it. Here she's relaxing...

Another end to a perfect day

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun with the Street Family

Fishing at Dusk

Bella loves a warm lap to snooze in

Isaac was at a birthday so he didn't get to enjoy this fun day at EPCOT!

Not sure why there are no pictures of Jen or myself?!


Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! I hope you wore green today and didn't get a pinch! Scott's in Virginia this week and I don't remember him packing green!

I still have some pictures to post from earlier in March, but I had to get these out so everyone could see the 'new Chloe'!
Chloe asked me a week ago "Can I get my hair cut short...kinda like Catie's?". Catie is her friend from down the street...I told her to really think about it and let me know for sure. She's asked everyday since then so we went today!

What a beauty!

And the other goofballs wish you a Happy Day too!

Isaac 1st Lacrosse Game

This game ended in a loss, but watch out fella's they are just warmin' up!

1st kid on left

Isaac is #2
Taken Down

Ground Ball

Far left

red on right

Little Guy


Our Trip to Gator Land

Here's pictures from Gator Land. We went with Brett, Jaquie, James and MaKayla Gossett in celebration of James birthday.

We have never seen so many gators!

Look Under the tree on the bank of the water...they were all over the place!
Hundreds swimming in the water too!


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