Sunday, November 03, 2013


Parent Night and Jamboree for Girls Lacrosse



Each season coaches try to get together a fun last practice for the girls to teach the parents and siblings how to play lacrosse.  It's amazing how much we all learn from this!  Here the parents sit on the sidelines yelling and telling their girls to do this or that then they learn from them what the game is really about and the rules!  

Chloe tossing with Isaac

Coach Scott and Other Coach Scott with Reagan who broke her arm in the last game!

Isaac in disguise 

Coach Scott in for Goalie... the other Coach Scott was on the other end

Renee and Chloe both are brace faces now!



The next morning we find ourselves on the field again under extremely scary rain clouds... the day was supposed to have a rigorous schedule...

7:45 - Older team arrive to setup tents/tables and be ready to warm up
8:30 - Older team plays
8:45 - Younger team arrive and setup (you're welcome to arrive as early as you want)
9:00 - Hand out shirts and medals to ALL players
9:30 - Younger team warm-up
10:00 - Younger team plays
10:30 - Older team plays
11:00 - All coaches play
12:00 - Younger team plays
1:00 - Older team plays
1:30 - We're done for the season!

We only made it until 10:15am... the league decided to call it off, but after about 30 minutes we really could have continued.  Not our call...a big bummer b/c we don't make up these days.  

Our two teams combined...young and olders

With Coaches

These are the girls that go to Chloe's middle school all the other girls on the team are from 2 other middle schools, one home school-er and 2 different elementary schools
(top to bottom...  Ashley, Allie, Rachel, Katie, Chloe, Rylee, Renee and Shay)

Time for awards

Coaches Coffee Break (Scott and Chris)

Rain Rain go away!


Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2013

Scott as one of his players!

Chloe being silly

Glow in the dark poop sent from Ms. Denise!

Isaac and Elias heading out to go trick or treating with some girls in another neighborhood

Chloe's change of outfit

Not too many trick or treaters this year...but plenty of mosquito's!


A Busy Saturday

Chloe's off to a friends 80's Themed Birthday Party

Saturday 26th, 2013

Ashley  Renee  and  Chloe at the Party

Last Game of the regular Season

Earlier that same morning the girls had the first games of the day on the field.  We arrived and it was still dark!  Cooler too ... think Chloe was the only girl dressed for the chilly weather!  

Chloe doing a 'question mark dodge' and scoring a goal!

Chloe winning this ground ball!

Coach Scott had to borrow Isaac's snap back hat b/c the sun was so bright 

Go Team!

Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary to Scott and Me!

We got to spend a quiet evening out to dinner alone at Colorado Melting Pot

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