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2017 June

June 2017  It's Summer Time

Did a little house and dog sitting for our friends in June.  Boo and Molly are super fun to watch after.  They love their walks and cuddles!  

Molly a bit scared of the storms so Chloe's on the ground w/ her

Let's GO

Enjoying the Pool

Don't go Isaac...I wuff you!

Fathers Day Tournament

Palm Coast Florida June 17-18

We've been attending this tournament for years and it's one of our favorites!  Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn were able to come watch Chloe play on Saturday.  The Beast Black team went undefeated and won the Championship!  Scott only wanted the Championship for Father's Day and he got what he asked for!

Happy Father's Day

I can hear coach yelling 

Coaches Trying to Stay out of the Sun for a few minutes

A little Catching with a Friend

Championship game goes into an overtime 1 vs 1 and we pulled off the win!

A sequence of pictures you can see the girls and coaches jumping and cheering....

Isaac and Coach Mitch Left Side

Scott far right...hands in the air
Chloe near tent ...goggles on her face jumping

They got t'shirts for their WIN

Team Pic and some very happy girls!!!!

Ashley #10 and Chloe #6

Happy Father's Day Dad

Winning Family

We have a new driver

Finally Isaac got his license.  Although we were in no hurry for this to happen we are very proud of him for passing on the first ..go around at the DMV.  
The computers were down at the DMV that day we went to do the driving test so we had to come back on day two to pick it up.  

Kevin Clark Scholarship Fundraiser 

June 20th @ Oviedo High School

Delaney and Gavin Clark, tragically lost their father, Kevin, during the Fiamma workplace shooting in Orlando on June 5th, 2017. Delaney (14) is a cheerleader. Gavin (17) played football and recently graduated from Lyman HS. Kevin was a constant supporter of the schools, where he could often be found snapping pictures on the sideline during game days. In addition to this tragic event, Gavin and Delaney lost their mother over 7 years ago. Kevin Clark was a wonderful man and an absolutely amazing, supportive and loving father who will be missed by many.

Coaches4Education 501(c)(3) and Speed Lacrosse have teamed up to show their support for the family. We will be hosting the Kevin Clark Memorial Scholarship Speed event at Oviedo High School on June 20, 2017. Gates open at 5:00pm, event starts at 5:30PM.

100% of all funds and donations go to the Kevin Clark Memorial Scholarship for Gavin and Delaney.

Personally we know the now guardians of the Clark kids.  We had met all of the Clark's a couple times before this tragic event.  It was a great way to raise money and have fun together.  Kevin Clark would have loved this evening and taken photos I'm sure of it.  He was smiling down tonight.

Speed lacrosse is played with a softer ball and small goals.  3 vs 3 on the field and can be boy/girl.  No set goalies just running up and down a small field.  Only need to wear a mouth piece for protection.  

Chloe's team name was "HELMETLESS" 

Our girls kicked these boys butts!

Coach Mitch REF-ing

Dad diving in the goal and entertaining us all

Mandy, Jos, Ashley, KatieB, Reagan, Chloe, ?, Sydney, Laila, Abby and Reily
All these girls play for BEAST lacrosse club, but competed against one another for the cause tonight what great fun!  

Our friend Shannon (Reagan's mom) made them these tank tops and put #CLARK on the back for Support

Our Helmetless Team

Scott and Isaac formed a team as well.  They played in the Adult division.  They had themselves and 2 college girls and I have to say they were the most entertaining to watch!  Always being funny...

1st Team they played against was Isaac's High School Coaches team...(we won) and his coach tried his hardest to score on was GREAT FUN!  

Coach Hoff and Isaac below...

Their Team Rocked!

KatieB and Chloe

I got a much needed hair cut for the Summer

If you take our your calendar and see we are busy with Lacrosse a large part of June and July.  We had practices during the week.  On Father's Day weekend we had a 2 day tournament and the following weekend we had a 2 day tournament in Lakewood Ranch, FL.  We were lucky enough to stay the night with our cousins Ronda and Pete.  Their new home was gorgeous and we love to spend the time with them visiting.  

Madison the Bird

We didn't take many pictures that weekend...the camera around my neck in that heat was not happening.  The girls had a great time going to play in the semi-finals and lost.  They were all liked cooked chicken by the 2nd day in game 2.  Great effort!  

Isaac's good friend Eryk (who's lived in Texas for the last 4 years) came to visit.  He's headed off to College in August so this was a great treat for the boys to spend some time together.  Growing up too fast!!!!

As usual the month of June was a bit of a blur!  Lacrosse is always filling our calendar.  Most people would be sick of it, but we sure have a great time!  
Happy Summer

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