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2017 January February and March...most of March

Making More Progress...

Our home as of mid January has been lived in by us for a year!  We've had so many projects and each one when it's complete we say "progress"...  We wanted to widen our driveway so we had to put in a HOA request and you know how long that can take.  I think we submitted it in November and January we finally got the go ahead.  We love the finished product!
We also screened in our back patio and it's just wonderful!  Scott put in a doggie door for the pups.  




We noticed the extra pavers not used and decided to add something last minute.  The men were great and started on it right away...  
Unplanned back patio area and we've already used it!

Patio Screened in with Door and no pavers outside ...yet...

Pavers and doggie door inside of the big screen door!

Painted our old table and chairs and changed out the cushins

Well...Lacrosse Anyone?!?!?!

January 4th
The lacrosse team did some community volunteering

Time for tryouts and lacrosse season to start on January 16th!  Chloe made Varsity along with 2 other Freshman so we are very proud of her!  Isaac was going to be the Varsity Goalie no matter what, but still proud.  He was hit during tryouts and received a concussion that kept him out of school for a week and half.  Once he was all cleared he missed all the practices, but was able to play in the pre-season game on Feb 4th.  What a way to start Spring Season 2017...
After tryouts and the teams were posted we had a breakfast for the girls at school...

Chloe and a few friends were helping out with the youth group on Jan 28th

New Varsity Uniforms this year...
here's a pic of Chloe's Blue one

Now that both kids are in high school lacrosse their schedules do a little over lapping.  Scott is still coaching the girls so he's always with Chloe so if they overlap I'm with Isaac.  The Pre-Season games overlapped.  The girls went to one side of FL and the boys the other side of FL.

Girls Pre-Season

Boys headed to Tampa to play 2 games ...one loss and one win, but since it's pre-season it's not on record



The girls first game of the season ...tossing the ball in the backyard to get the nerves out!
Chloe Ashley and Renee

When I can be at the girls games I volunteer to do the JV stats 
Chloe's on Varsity so I stay and watch her play after with my other parent friends

Chloe in the starting line up each game!

Another boys game...

The first game I didn't take pictures, but they lost their very first season game to Lake Mary High School.  After that putting Wins on the board!

At one of their games there were so many calls made that the entire defense was in the naughty box!

Debate Tournament
After during awards 
Silly Boys

Varsity Girls on Game Day at School 
All Dressed in their Goofy Shirts

Girls out for practice on their own one weekend

Not a bad day for a lacrosse game...

This was our rival night against Oviedo High School
In our schools history we've never beat their girls team 
We did tonight!

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn were there to witness

This puts as 1st in our District!

Granny and Grampy Came to visit March 8-13
They got to see 2 of Chloe's games and one of Isaac's

Game One Winner!

Isaac's Game Winner

The girls JV team has a girl who has diabetes and they did a 5K with her

Grampy and Granny also did a little yard work with me while the kids were busy in school

The coaches do a MVP of each game and they give out a hard hat and goggles to a couple players and sometimes one player gets both...
Chloe was the winner March 15th vs Lake Howell

During Spring Break the girls had a road trip to Pensacola, Florida for an overnight stay and 2 games which the Varstiy Team won both!

Another Day of Lax During Spring Break

Out Shopping during Spring Break

March 27th:  Game against Lake Brantley High School.  The game was tough and our girls came back from being behind and winning it!  They have never won the Seminole Athletics Conference before.  They won it in the last seconds of the game!  

Great Group of Girls
Our Varsity

As of Today March 28th
Our Boys team has only lost 1 game (their very first) and only has 3 games to go!
Our Girls team has only lost 2 games and the have 3 more to go!
All Season games will be complete this week and next week we start District Playoffs!
Go Huskies!

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