Tuesday, May 31, 2016


2016 Florida Spring 4/19-5/26

Saturday April 9th

Chloe's Youth Lacrosse Game 

Lake Highland Prep Game 3 of Spring Season VS Orange Crush

Not a win for us, but a impressive game.. Chloe played like a BOSS!
Chloe 2nd from Left
Scott far Right

4 vs 1 

Fun in the Sun with Lucy and Chloe

Basketball Game 1  WIN 64-43

Isaac's new YMCA Spring Season ...new team except for his buddy Elias this is a whole new group of boys.  They seemed to really gel the 2nd half of the game... 

Isaac walked away getting props for his Defense and sinking a 3 pointer (hitting 1 or his 3 shots)

Chloe Lacrosse Game (win) 

It started to drizzle, but the girls played tough and some great defense on this team.  They were very aggressive!  Chloe had 3 Goals the 2nd half and played defense the 1st half.


Lisa Dassinger came to visit

Lisa and I have known each other since we moved across the street from her family in the Spring of 1988 in Lynnwood, Washington.  Middle of my 7th grade year.  Through the years we've kept in contact and tried to see each other when we are within the same State.  She's now in Michigan and her fiance had to work in Daytona at "Jeep Beach" so she was able to tag along for a few days.  We had a wonderful time catching up and taking about her up coming wedding.  Enjoying Florida weather!

She flew in Thursday Night. We were up early on Friday Morning and headed to Dayton Beach Speedway enjoying the JEEP BEACH festivities

Putting some Florida Sand between our toes

Saturday we started at Chloe's Lacrosse game
We dropped Isaac and Chloe off at the field for her to warm up with her team and Isaac to play some basketball...Lisa treated me to a Starbucks breakfast!

Dropped Kids off at home and headed to Black Hammock 

Back to the Speedway where we waited outside in the back lot 1 hour to get into the speedway

The we waited 2 hours to get onto the actual raceway to drive the Jeeps

Worth it!

Finally on the Raceway...what a thrill and so much fun!  

Can't wait to do it again next year!

Meanwhile... Scott was in France

He had to go for work for a week.  I just picked a few pictures of his hundreds to post (all taken with his cell phone).

Meanwhile back at home in Florida...

Girls Lacrosse Banquet

Since Scott was out of the country and couldn't attend the banquet for the girls high school lacrosse celebration Chloe had to go alone.  Ashley and her mom came to pick her up.  
Ashley and Chloe have been friends for years on the lacrosse fields.  Ashley is a grade higher than Chloe and very happy to have Chloe join her at the high school next year!


Isaac's YMCA basketball Spring Season has been hit or miss...if it's not missing games for lacrosse district games it's injury!  Isaac sprained his ankle and was on crutches for a while missing 2 more games...

Boys Lacrosse Banquet

 Some of the Isaac's Varsity Group

 Isaac's JV Boys

May 5th, 2016 

Last Youth Lacrosse Practice for Chloe... 

The coaches made this practice a fun and games type.  They got to play games and be silly.  I went to take a few pictures so we could hold onto the memories a bit longer...

Chloe's group for the practice day

Katie and Chloe 
They'll be at high school together next year playing side by side (I hope)

May 7th, 2016


Chloe's final youth lacrosse event...the last Jamboree!  Her first was Fall 2011 along with a few other girls that are still currently on the team.  Chloe started play lacrosse before that, but this was the first CFGYL group she belonged too.

I made a poster for the past lacrosse Jamborees...

 Writing notes to the Coaches on shirts...

Painting of the hair

Grandpa and Grandma made it out to watch


The Original 4
Rylee~ Renee~ Katie~ Chloe

The others that have been with us for a very long time...
Coach Scott Dean~ Rylee~ Renee~ Katie~ Chloe~ Mandy~ Coach Brad
Sydney~ Coach Scott
Julia~ Natalie~ Lila~ Abbey

Throw Back

Chloe & Renee 2011

Chloe & Renee 2016

The Older Team

Shadow of word LAX with the girls sticks

I heart LAX with bodies...

Selfie Stick Time...

More Selfie Stick Time...

Got home and forgot to get a picture of the 3 of us so took one in the yard

Best Jamboree ever...maybe?  It was so wonderful and full of memories.  Our lacrosse families are part of who we are and we just love them!

Isaac's final Spring Basketball Game for the YMCA

A couple baskets
A couple fouls
Great Defense
And No broken bones...ha!

Isaac needed a change...

He was asking for a couple weeks about getting his hair cut.  I usually do it myself, bc it's typically a trim of that long shaggy look.  Then he showed me a photo and I figured I'd better take him in to get it done at least the first time then I'll keep it up for him.



Chloe's 8th Grade Dance

May 14th, 2016

Tradition at the kids middle school is to give the kids a dance.  When Isaac had his I helped with the whole process and chaperoned.  This time around for Chloe I just volunteered  to run the drink table with a couple other mom friends.  Chloe's pretty low maintenance for a 'girl'...she wanted me to do her nails and her hair.  She picked out her dress at Ross and it was just perfect for her.  Although it came strapless and the dress code at school they had to have straps so I made some and added them on for her.  

In our backyard 

Wearing her Iconic 
"I love Lacrosse" 

I had to get to the school a bit earlier for the dance so I dropped Chloe off at her friend Serena's house to take pictures with her friends.  They have a wonderful backdrop for photos!!!

 Chloe & Serena

Chloe & Ashley

Serena~ TayTay~ Chloe~ Aila~ Ashley~ Coco

After the Dance in the Car line

Chloe's 8th Grade Awards Ceremony 

May 16th, 2016

Chloe received the Presidents Award for her High GPA


Play Day

1st Beast Tournament of the 2016 Summer League 

May 22

Chloe Farthest on the End

Chloe and on either side of her (right side Gillian left side Abbey) both played with her in Youth League

We had 4 BEAST Teams at this tournament.  We had one middle school team and Chloe played 2 games with them.  Below is a picture of the middle high school team which Chloe was on TEAM TEAL and she played 5 games with them.  She also played 1 game with the top high school team Team Purple.
Yes, That's 8 games total... 25 minutes each!

Scott's Quote:
"For Chloe, when 80% of pictures have it in her left hand and she doesn't remember that she scored left-handed most of the time - proud of her ability to use both naturally."

Last Day of School...

Scott picked them up from school and took them for a treat.  
Can't believe Chloe's now a high schooler...Freshman year here she comes!
Isaac's in 11th grade...wait I can't have a Junior!  

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