Friday, June 17, 2011


Boca Blast Lacrosse Tournament

Isaac played in a lacrosse tournament last weekend. He played with his U11 Jokers team. Isaac did outstanding playing goalie for all 5 games in 2 days ...did I mention in the heat!

The boys ended up getting 2nd place! The 1st place team was undefeated, but our Jokers gave them a run for their money!

A little Prayer...

See that Ball to the left? Isaac sure did!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Awards Ceremony

Chloe is officially a 4th grader now! Chloe had her awards ceremony yesterday May 31st.

Chloe received the following awards:

Writing Award
*Honor Roll Certificate
*Certificate of Participation in Math Super Stars
*Certificate of Achievement in the Junior Achievement Program called OUR CITY
*Certificate for Outstanding Personality

(This last is a fun award from her teacher that is also given with a candy bar for each student...Chloe's candy bar was "Peanut M&M's" which stood for Chloe...small, sweet and a little nutty!)

Chloe with her Teacher

Chloe and her class

We are very proud of Chloe doing so well in 3rd grade and shining her sparkling personality on to everyone!

Isaac had his awards/graduation ceremony today June 1st. He's now a 6th grader and heading to Middle School in August!

Isaac crossing the stage shaking hands with the Vice Principal, Principal and his teacher

Isaac received the following awards:

* "A" Honor Roll All Year
* Test Achievement Certificate for Superior Achievement in Reading
* Readers Are Leaders Certificate

* President's Education Award for "Outstanding Academic Achievement"

This one was quite an honor. Out of the 156 students Isaac was one of 19 on the stage. There was also another type of President's award which about 25 other students received.

Here is what the letter says:

Please accept my congratulations on receiving the President's Education Award. I am delighted to join your family, friends, and teachers in recognizing this important achievement.

Education will not only determine your success, but also America's success in the 21st century. My Administration is working hard to ensure every student receives a first-class education, but ultimately, your future will be shaped by your own willingness to put your best effort into your studies. This award reflects your dedication to academic excellence, and I commend students like you for setting a powerful example for all of our Nation's young people.

I wish you all the best for continued success in the years to come.

signed Barack Obama

We are also very proud of Isaac. He's a great student always willing to help out when someone is need and has such a loving heart.
Hard to believe our boy is going to Middle School!

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