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Summer Time 2016

Summer Lacrosse...

This day and age we take a lot of pictures on our phone or we send a quick 'SELFIE' or SnapChat... it's not often we pull out the large Nikon camera and snap a bunch of pictures.  However I do at the lacrosse fields.  I really should do it more often and I keep trying to tell myself to do so. 

Summer Face Off ~ Lacrosse Tournament Boys Edition

June 4-5, 2016 with Oviedo High School U19

Isaac was asked to help out the "Rival" High School since they didn't have a Goalie for this tournament for their upper age group U19.  He was thrilled to strap on his lacrosse equipment and quite excited to wear some Orange for them.  

They had a great weekend of lacrosse and he made a few NEW friends along the way.  What a wonderful group of parents and kids!!


Fit Bump

Manly Hugs

2 Wins  2 Losses  and  1 Tie

Summer Face Off ~ Lacrosse Tournament Girls Edition

June 4-5, 2016 with BEAST PURPLE TEAM

Typically we are split at different locations for the girls and boys tournaments.  Chloe and Scott's fields were 45 minutes North of Isaac's.  After his final game on Sunday we were able to head to her fields and watch ONE of her games.  Chloe's Purple Team was supposed to play in the Championship, but a huge rain storm (part of Tropical Storm Colin) strolled in and dumped on us!

Yes, windows were out in the Jeep and everything including the kids were soaked! 

Father's Day ~ Lacrosse Tournament Boys Edition 

June 19, 2016 with LAXDawgs

We usually have this tournament in 2 days, but the afternoon games of day one got stormed out!  So on day 2 we had 5 games... bonus for the Laxdawgs we got a game 6 Championship to play as well.  The guys are all Hagerty High School boys.  They had some obstacles, but played like champs for sure all day with all WINS!  During the Championship game they played their hears out coming back for a 1-4 deficit they tied it up 4-4 and went into a sudden death overtime...after about 10 minutes and 4 big saves we lost.  It was such a great game and amazing effort by all!  

Nice 'good job pat' from the other team 

Bit Win!

Father's Day ~ Lacrosse Tournament  Girls Edition

June 19, 2016 with BEAST Purple

This is one of our favorite tournaments and we've always had the girls at another location, but we were happy this year to have both at one location!!!  Chloe's Team Purple went to the playoffs and lost.  They had a great time bonding and playing ball!  

3 on ONE...she still got out of it!  Our BEAST!

Isaac had a break from him schedule so came to cheer on Chloe with friends of ours

Chloe getting smacked down, but popped back up like the MATRIX


Rippin' at the Ranch ~ Oviedo Coolax U17 Team  Boys Edition Only

June 25-26, 2016

Isaac was asked to play again for his "Rival" High School... he had such a great experience the first time he was thrilled to get more shots and make more friends.  This time he played on the JV team U17since that's where they needed a goalie.  The parents and boys were very thankful for Isaac's help and figured it would have been much much worse if he'd not been there to help out.  
This was not a successful weekend at all...loosing all 4 games and their team only scoring 1 single goal the entire weekend.  Needless to say friends were made and Isaac was able to get a big workout in the goal.

He might be praying in this picture for mercy....LOL

This one he ended up saving with his body

Hotel Craziness

Day 2 only one game...
Chloe keep stats for Isaac

Warm Ups

Isaac's in the middle of Goal in back row

Photographer Makes herself noticed

This tournament for Isaac ends his Summer of lacrosse.  He continued to have practices and conditioning a few times a week.  He decided to spend many hours on the basketball courts inside at the YMCA and outside with friends.  

May have been playing with a broken finger on Day 2

Driving Jeep to Play Lacrosse...ok only down the back roads at 25mph, but he's lucky I let him!

Heatwave ~ Lacrosse Tournament  Girls Edition Only

July 9-10, 2016 with BEAST TEAL TEAM

Chloe's tournament in Flagler Beach, FL is called the HEATWAVE for a reason...OMG it's HOT!  Day one I was able to take pictures, but on Day two I took stats so only got a few of the team and warm ups.  This tournament is a 7v7 ...we had 6 Beast Teams participating here this weekend!  Scott's team was TEAL...Lucky us Chloe got on his team!!!  What a wonderful group of girls that worked so well together and really took control of the field, listen to coaches changes and took it all the way to the Championships ...undefeated.  
The comeback to tie up the game in the Championship felt like a win.  We were down and came back to tie it up in the end what a wonderful feeling!  The overtime was a 1v1 and we didn't manage to pull off that win, but they were awesome!

Warm Ups ~ The TEAL TEAM

Game #1
LaxManiax Select Ice Final Score 10-5

 Game #2
Teal Team vs Pipeline Alex final Score 19-7

Game #3
 Teal Team vs Stickbenders White Final Score 12-9

Fun and Games
Mini  Tournament 

 3v3 Teal Team ~ Chloe Jamie and Reagan 

 Day 2 of the Heatwave

Taking it all the way to the Championships
Game #1   8-4 Blue Skies Lacrosse 
Game #2   10-5 Bay Area Sand Sharks Orange
Game #3    11-7 Stickbenders White
Game #4      5-6 OVERTIME Chamipionship Stickbenders Green 

7am Team Photo

#1 In Our HEARTS

Silly Picture at 7am

 This was their last major tournament for the Summer Club.  It's slowly coming to an end...

 Chloe's Tournament Shirt

Other STUFF going on with us....

 Silly Pups

A new toy Scott ordered...virtual reality, because real reality is a bit crazy!

Ashley and Chloe's Day Out 
To the movies "Finding Dory" and Milkshakes

Ride in the Jeep

Beast Play Day  ~  July 16th, 2016

3v3 Games  ~  Prizes  ~  BBQ  ~  Coaches Game

This is our 2nd annual Beast Play Day.  Our girls club has to adapt to change and this year we had a count of over 200 people coming to join us!  Set up this year we played a 3v3 mini tournament with 3 Brackets... Armadillo ~ Bandicoot ~ Chinchilla ...each Bracket had a bunch of teams competing on 4 fields.  Because of the Craze that is going at the moment 'Pokemon Go' Scott decided to name all the teams with Pokemon names...Isaac was a big help in getting us some good names.  

I love this boy!

Tent City Starting to Set up

Warm Ups

Ashley Katie and Chloe


Chloe's Team in White...

The Mastermind and His Protege 
Getting Brackets in order 

That's a lot of tents and people 

Coaches and Interns Game 
Older vs Younger

Prize Time
The Winners Are...
Armadillo: Gaby,  Autumn and Chloe 
Representing 3 different High Schools on this one Team
Yes...all brackets had winners, but I didn't get their pics... lots of drawing prizes too!

Winning a 6 pack each of nice Under Armour Headbands

 Chloe down on ground in front

Very Sad when Summer Club Season comes to and end, but also a great time to take a break.  We made new friends this summer and got to have a wonderful time with so many girls.  We'll say good bye to all the Seniors because this is the last chance they get to play summer lacrosse...maybe next year some will come back and be interns?!  Chloe will get 3 more summers... looking forward to it!  Even in the dead of the heat!  Love watching her Play and Scott coach!

Girls Beach Day ~ July 18th, 2016

Melbourne, FL

Chloe wanted a beach day with some of her girlfriends in the Jeep with the doors off and top down... so we ended up going to our friends house on the beach.  Shari is a neighbor from our last house in FL and they recently sold their house as well and moved into their beach house.  We were so happy she wanted to hang out with us gals for the day.  


Next Pictures we'll have posted will be family vacation to VA, NY and MD!  

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