Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Toothless Isaac

Isaac's front tooth has been loose for months and today was the day! Isaac, Chloe and I were in the playroom when I took a look at his tooth and could push it back so far I could see the new tooth under the loose one. I told him if he just tugged on it that it would come right out...I was right! Chloe screamed and said he looked like a monster...could have been the blood coming from his mouth! We are very excited!!! Chloe's got another loose tooth on the bottom. Her teeth don't stay loose for long. They are little and seem to pop right out.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Isaac had a great time playing in his 1st soccer game. They play on artificial turf which is really nice. It's not a typical soccer game (think that starts next year) the boys play 4 on 4 with no goalies, small nets and on two fields side by side.

Isaac has a few of his classmates on his team plus his good friend Thomas. Scott helps the team out on the opposite field.

The Blue Fire Balls

Chloe's 1st soccer game and 1st organized sport!

Scott is the coach of Chloe's team. They practice for about 25 minutes then have a game for 25 minutes. At this age it's 3 on 3 with no goalies, small nets and on two fields side by side.

The Yellow Lightning

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

Isaac and Chloe after their Easter Egg Hunt at Granny & Grampy's church.

I had my camera on the wrong setting, so these pictures are not good quality...sorry!

After the Egg Hunt we got to celebrated Uncle Ryan's you can see if your over 40 you still can get down and play marbles!

The Easter Bunny showed up at our house and left some fun stuff!

Uncle Chris and Isaac arm wrestling...give Isaac a few more years and add a few more years to Uncle Chris and it'll even out a little!

Great Grandma keeping up with tradition by reading to her grand kids.
Chloe's part bookworm and wiggle worm!

The Easter Bunny left a present for Daddy too...the board game Stretego. Grandpa, Isaac and Daddy at war.

Our last Easter stop was Grandma & Granddad's house. Grandma set up an egg hunt in the house for Isaac and Chloe. There were 26 eggs each and at the end of the day there was still one missing! It was a great hunt and probably lasted an hour!

Our little posers...

Enjoying some of those Eggs from the hunt

Did YOUR Grandma ever tell you to eat everything on your plate?

Happy Easter to EVERYONE!! Thanks to our wonderful families for having us over and to the ones far away for sending the kids their cards...we love you all!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Some of my favorite pictures from the river house weekend...

Grandma Isaac and Chloe

Aunt Betty and Chloe taking a stroll

Isaac's soccer moves

Father & Son

Little Miss Sunshine

New House still under construction

Daddy and Daughter enjoying the view from the new house's back patio

The kids inside the steam shower in Granddad and Grandma's new bathroom

Driving Test

Isaac passed his test with flying colors over the weekend.

Isaac in reverse...

He's very cautious, easy on the turns (almost stops), and never drives too fast...

Drives a bit slow even for a dirt road

Now for Chloe... Chloe is not as cautious, sharp on the turns and drives too fast!

"She's a bit reckless" says Grandma.

Chloe passed because she's cute.

Not sure what we're gonna do with Grandma

Taking away her licence seems a little extreme

Bath time

Short story behind this last incident...
Scott and I were back at the house relaxing when the phone rang. It's mom (aka Grandma) on the other line laughing so hard we couldn't understand her. Isaac was yelling in the background "It's ALL Grandma's Fault" and Chloe was screaming (not scared, but have fun type of scream). Scott got Grandma to calm down a bit and she gave us directions to find them and help get the golf cart out of the mud. We came with video camera in hand to get the footage! As Grandma and I pushed Scott pulled and Isaac was punching the gas came out and so did a ton of mud on Grandma!

This may seem like a familiar scene to Darleen when we were all in North Carolina this past December. Thanks to Shelley for the mud bath she gave her Momma and me.

Conversation about Ice Cream...

On our car trip to the river the kids started talking about ice cream...
Isaac: "Chloe, remember the ice cream we had at Granny's?"
Chloe: "Yea, it was sooo had crystals on it!"
Isaac: "Oh those crystals were sooo good...they weren't sprinkles, but crystals."
Chloe: "Magic Crystals!"
My mind is turning to mush as I'm thinking of crystals then I yell out...
"Do You Mean Freezer Burn?!?!?!"
Thanks Granny...they love your magic crystals!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Croquet Anyone???

We spent a couple days at the river house over Spring Break. We tried to play a friendly game of croquet, but Chloe managed to hit her head with her own mallet and decided this game was to she went to climb a tree. Scott gave Isaac and I a few shots to his one shot which helped us out on the first game. Isaac and I would hit each others croquet ball's on purpose to help each other get ahead of Scott. Unfortunately Scott caught on quickly to our devious ways and we then got our shots taken away in the next round.

Monkeys In a Tree!


Chloe's Easter Celebration

This is Chloe's final year at pre-school. I feel like it's an end of an era for me as well. I've been the room mom at that pre-school since Fall 2003 for either Isaac's class or Chloe's. I'm really going to miss this school. I'm always involved in all the celebrations. I was very excited this year to 'help' the Easter Bunny hide the eggs. Thank you God for such a beautiful day!

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