Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Our Twins!

We went shopping for office furniture and came home with these two sweet girls!

That is the short story.

And who really wants to hear the long story...
I'll try to shorten it...
We went into the pet shop the kids enjoy so we could show daddy some animals. Scott and I talk a lot about Chihuahua's. There wasn't any in the pet shop, but they had a couple photos of two they would be getting there soon. We cooed over them (the pictures) and shrugged it off. Then we walked down the sidewalk and saw one of these pups then the other. We stopped and what do you know...they were for sale!

Now I find this quite a coincidence...???

Queen Bella

Princess Lucy

I know...I can't believe it either...none of us can. They as small as kittens! Fun and we're in love!

Hollywood Studio's Disney

We took advantage of the afternoon on Saturday. We started the day at the furniture store make a few new purchases for our home. Then we drove to Hollywood Studios!

The weather wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either. We did get a bit wet.

Chloe and I did a few things just us girls... We went and saw Under The Sea with the Little Mermaid then to see a show on Beauty and the Beast.

The men went to ride a few scary rides and have a good time!

We had some fun together on a tour of behind the scene's and then it was time to check out some of the Monsters Inc.

Dinner I got my turkey was awesome!

Fun road show


The laser show in the evening was unbelievable.

I took a lot of video of the show, but here's just one.

Fay in and around our neighborhood

Here are some of our pictures from our neighborhood. The Crane is outside our backyard.

Fay is finally gone...thank you Lord!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Updated photo Friday morning of our neighbors dock from previous blog...

Kids were out of school today ...again! This was their first week and they only attended on Monday and Thursday. They really wanted to go to school too if you ask them. Today there is so much flooding in the areas around us that they just figured it would be safer not to send them. Our home is in a great place compared to some in our neighborhood for flooding issues. Don't get me wrong we could have flooding issues, but we are better off than some.

We have leaked! We have a leak in our big window over the pool area. We 'jimmy-rigged' it for now until the rain stops so we can figure out how to fix it and where it's coming from.

More updated pictures of the lake waters...

This is a very large dock (was) for those who were here on the 4th of July it's the dock that had the fireworks.

Our swale

Video #1
Scott got a new drainage hose for our pool pump. When he returned from work he got to 'work' on that job. He drained about 4 inches out. (by morning it was 1.5 inches from the top tile again)
Video #2
Saving the paddle was too heavy to fly away, but not if the waters rise under it and pull it out into the lake. Our neighbor (whom we hadn't met yet..Dave) rain out in all his glory ..swim trunks and gold medallion around his neck.. and helped us pull it up and dump out the water. We'll have to bring it to our yard another day!
Video #3
View from our front yard
Video #4
Scott being silly..he was already VERY wet, but boy was that pool water was cold

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay's Waters Rising

As seen in this before photo to the left of the picture you can see our neighbors dock.

Before Photo

After Photo

Someone might not get this boat back if it damages our paddle boat or if it sinks!!!
We brought in our canoe due to winds, but the paddle boat was full of water before this and very heavy so it wasn't going anywhere!

Surfs Up?

Walking out into our backyard to snap these photos the yard was saturated, but not puddled yet. Our swale is filling fast!

Some shots of our palms

Our Pool

This is after Scott pumped out some this AM...would have overflowed by now! Come home soon Scott the pool needs you!

Off to get the kids from school...wish me luck!

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