Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Awards Ceremony

Chloe's 2nd grade awards ceremony was Monday June 7th. Chloe got two awards one was for Social Studies and the other was for Honor Roll. She was a bit annoyed that she didn't get one for Reading and Writing, but I told her she was awesome at that as well. She just gave me a look!

Chloe and her friend Abby

Isaac's awards ceremony was today June 8th. Isaac was awarded more awards than any other 4th grader. He was presented with Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Reading Award, Music for his Orchestra and Seminole County Guys Day of Singing.

Congrats to our wonderful kids! They did an amazing job this year and we are very proud of them. Their last day of school is tomorrow the 9th!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


June 1st, 2010
Orff Orchestra
Isaac preforms

Isaac did a wonderful job! Everyone got a solo as well and I have to say Isaac's was the best. During the last song one of the instruments Isaac was playing his drum stick went flying out of his hands! Not sure if anyone else noticed, but it gave us a laugh!

Chloe was rubbing Lucy and she asked me to take a picture...pretty cute!

Memorial Day Weekend

We drove down to Homestead for Ari's Dedication. We went over to play for a little while on Saturday and to meet Ari for the first time. It was a bit odd to finally see Heather with a baby girl!

Us and our GIRLS!

Me and Ari

Heather looking at the scrapbook I made for them

Boys out back playing some football


Boys playing Wii

Chloe and Josiah playing war

Sunday at the dedication

Getting my sugar from this sweet angel!

Heather and Me

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