Thursday, January 25, 2007

It was time for a Costco run. I got the list, the kids and the check book ... I was ready to go. I almost get out of our neighborhood and make a quick u-turn... "I forgot my coffee kids!". Isaac says and I quote "Coffee must be your #1 weakness Mom". Later in the evening he says again about my coffee addiction "It's your FIEND! You have to fight it!".

Kids say the darnedest things don't they. I believe my kids will grow up thinking coffee is some wonderful thing...

1. It gets you going in the morning
2. You always smile after that first sip and say AHHHH
3. Makes you feel good all over

When Granny is tired of playing board game after board game or anything else they have her doing...they tell her to get a cup of coffee so she'll feel better.

Wait till their first cup and they will understand!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is new to me. Not reading blogs, but having a family one. I typically send out a monthly email with the ongoings in the Gallant family house, but now I'll jot it here. I can add photos which I'm very excited about to share with everyone. Scott wrote the first entry so there will be some from both of us. Enjoy!

Chloe lost her first tooth on Friday January 19th! She has been asking for over a month when she'd loose a tooth. I told her Isaac lost his first at 5 1/2yrs old so she might be the same. Isaac gets a loose tooth and it takes months to come out. Chloe on the other hand had a loose tooth and within two weeks it was out! She had her finger in her mouth for two days straight moving it and at dinner it came out! We were all in a bit of shock it happened so fast, but that's the way Chloe rolls.

January 21st

We had our first snow! Chloe had her friend Katie's birthday party to go to and on the way there nobody drove more than 35mph (in a 55mph zone) and at least a dozen cars were off the road. Let me remind you that the snow wasn't covering everything yet and it wasn't falling hard. This is Northern VA and that's what goes on here. I have to mention the birthday party...10 girls and 1 boy ...during the cake Lea (the birthday girls mom) says after cake we are going to play 'spin the bottle' silence except for the 1 boy who throws his hands in the air and yells out YEAH. Now I must add that playing 'spin the bottle' was for who's gift the birthday girl would open first not going into the closet...after all they are only 5yrs old!

OK back to the snow...getting home was slow, but once we got here we started the process of putting on snow clothes (15 minutes later) we were all outside. Just enough snow to cover the small hill in our backyard to sled and create snow angels. Scott snowboarded on top of the sled twice down the hill...once landing with a thud and putting a large divot with his knee in the ground and the second time successfully making it all the way through the yard. Chloe was insistent on trying to be like dad... now it was time for dad to give the 'talk' of how when he was a kid he skateboarded down this huge hill and he knew how to do these things ...he's a professional after all. Chloe at the last second jumped down on her belly and went down the choice.

Monday, January 15, 2007

We spent a week in the Bahamas for the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure - a poker tournament that I won a seat in. We spent the week hanging out at Atlantis and with Heather, Damon and the kids. We had a great time in all the pools, waterslides, lazy river and eating!

We had money added to the room as a part of the prize package we won from Poker Stars. We're generally thrifty so by the end of the week, we still had a lot of money that we still had to spend. We spent the last couple hours of our stay in the sourvenir shop trying to find something we wanted so we could spend all of our money. With their high prices, you'd think it would be easy, but we had a difficult time finding something we would actually use or could give as presents.

During the week, Isaac and I went into one of the bathrooms. Another person came in and was doing his business at a urinal when he farted really loud. Isaac was in one of the stalls with the door shut and yelled out, "Excuuuse somebody!".

Isaac got to feed the turtles and stingrays. Both kids loved to go down the waterslide where they needed our help at the bottom so Liz and I spent much of the week going down water slides, rinsing and repeating. Isaac was finally close to 48 inches this year so he was able to go down the shark slide with me this year. It is a ride through an enclosed tunnel on a tube where the last 40 yards are in a transparent tube inside the aquarium where they keep the sharks.

Liz did some Creative Memories consulting while we were down there and I was off playing in the poker tournament. I made it to the second day, but didn't make any money.

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