Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Isaac's 13th Birthday

Tuesday August 14th, 2012

We officially have a teenager in the house!!!!

I decided to be a bit of a paparazzi this morning and Isaac played along...

Chloe looked so cute on her 2nd day of school we decided to take a few pictures!

Scott came home early and we worked on some chalk art on the driveway for when Isaac got home from school...

Chloe and Renee ran to meet up with Isaac when he got off the bus

Isaac got some wonderful gifts (some early) from family and money and gift cards in the mail. THANK YOU! We decided to give him some clothes (he actually really liked the idea of some new clothes who knew that's what teenagers enjoyed) also a new MP3 player since his IPOD was ruined on the cruise this summer.

Peace Out!


1st Day of School

Monday August 13th, 2012

Chloe begins her last year in elementary school!

She was very excited about school this year. She found out who her teachers were going to be the Friday before and got to visit her classrooms.

Welcome 5th Grade!

Isaac is in his second year of middle school entering the 7th grade. He went the Thursday before to pick up his schedule and meet his teachers. He wasn't excited to start school again, but happy to see some friends he hadn't seen in a while and also get back to routine.

Off to the bus with a thumbs up!


First 2 weeks of August

We had all sorts of stuff going on the first two weeks of August...

August 3rd

Isaac Before Braces

Isaac After Braces

It's summertime and we are trying to enjoy the pool before school and lacrosse take over our free time again!

Ms. Denise always thinking of us and sending some fun gifts!

Indoor Air Soft Day
Isaac, Owen and Chloe

August 12th
Last day of starts tomorrow!

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