Wednesday, September 16, 2015


2015 August

August Away We Go....

Friends House to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...
Oh and apparently tempt the alligators in the lake with young children!

Boys having a Blast

Safe At Last

Girls (never falling off like the boys did)

Safer Place to Swim
Chloe and Cate

Isaac's Schedule Pick Up for School for 10th Grade!  Chloe went along with us so next year it won't seem unfamiliar.  First time Chloe's been on the campus (besides lacrosse games) she got to walk the halls with Isaac and he showed her his locker.  Isaac was very happy with his schedule and excited to begin!

Isaac had a few friends over for some birthday celebrations!  They boys played basketball in the driveway, then they played basketball on the new hoop Uncle Chris got them, then they played basketball on the XBOX, then they played basketball in the pool!  Belly's full of Pizza, Chips and Brownies...not a bad day!

Chloe had her schedule pick up day at the Middle School.  Happy to be at the top of the heap in 8th grade.  She only had one issue with her schedule and we were able to change it for her.  Very excited for a year of learning Spanish, Science Fair, National History Day Project...OMG!  

Celebrating Isaac's Birthday...

Isaac Loves New Clothes, Shoes... basketball and lacrosse so he's pretty easy to shop for! 

Duke Basketball Shorts also got a Duke Lax Shirt

Grampy and Granny Spoiling Him with these new Shoes!!!

Chloe's gifts to Isaac... 

Made him a coaster of his High School Colors

A Picture of the Shoes he really wanted... then in the last box enough money to buy them.  All her idea to do this... she watched the neighbors cats for months and saved up!  Sweet Sister!

Summer Vacation Cruise to the Caribbean!

Miami 8/14   (Isaac's actual 16th Birthday)

We ventured off to Miami where our cruise ship was going to set sail from, but first stayed overnight in a hotel there.  The kids had a blast making tons of friends in the hotel.  It's built like an open atrium with open floor ran wild.  Sounds annoying, but it was perfect!  Open Bar in this hotel from 5-8pm so food and drinks were flowing.   Not sure how much caffeine those kids had, but it was enough!  

Norwegian The Getaway


Day 1: Miami

After boarding in Miami we checked everything out.  It's a beautiful ship and new too.  Basketball court was a must for Isaac and good pools/slides for Chloe.  We booked this based on those items!  If the kids are having fun and happy so can the Adults!  

We enjoyed the 'Welcome Aboard Show' with a preview of the entire weeks entertainment.  It was a great way for us to figure out how we wanted to spend our time. The Theater wasn't huge so you had to reserve you shows in advance they filled fast.  A good way for us to plan!  We had a nice dinner together and enjoyed all there was to see on the ship until our room was ready.  That was small...ha!  

Bon Voyage!

Isaac's Favorite Place

Mini Golf below basketball and ropes coarse above

Ice Bar

Day 2: At Sea

Checking out the ship.  We love to do the daily Sudoku Puzzles and Crosswords so we were on the hunt for the ships library and card/game room.  We had success!
Mini Golf right after breakfast is always a fun way to start the day...


Lots of things to do on this ship... taking advantage of the activities early just in case it gets too busy later.  

Time for the Rock Wall!  


Warming up for the the Free Throw Contest...

That evening we went to see Mark Viera at the Levity Comedy Club.  Man he was hysterical!  We sat in the front row just to get in on the act.  Always fun!  We all 4 are still repeating his skit... needless to say a lot of it was about teenagers and parents!  

Day 3:  At Sea

Perfect day for the Water Slides...we became pros.  They never seemed crowded and super fun for everyone!

We got to see a great show this evening called 'BURN THE FLOOR' it was a dancing singing Broadway type show and was fantastic!  A lot of crazy dancing and lots of sweating!  ha!  

Day 4: St. Thomas US Virgin Islands 

Twice As Nice Snorkel Excursion

Recommend this to anyone especially if you want to see and swim with Sea Turtles.  They took us to Turtle Cove with many turtles and other tropical fish to swim with.  The Crew was very fun and loved to tell you anything you wanted to know about the Islands.  The second stop was a fabulous ship wreak with Chloe and Scott really taking that in for a long time!  Isaac decided to just keep jumping off the Catamaran "Cannonball"...can't complain in that beautiful clear water!  

Turtle Cove

Tatoo Anyway?  We all got them, but as you can see Scott's was in the best spot!

Back on the Ship for some Other Fun...

Ropes Coarse

Tonight entertainment was back at the Levity Comedy Club with both comedians Mark Viera and Flip Schultz very different acts, but both had us cracking up.  Flip is off the cuff kinda guy.  Makes up stuff as he goes with the audience.  

Day 5: Totola, British Virgin Island... although we got right on a water taxi to Virgin Gorda 

Virgin Gorda The Baths...check it out online it's so beautiful!

At times the water gets deep (not over our heads) it was hard in some areas to get over rocks and paths so fun and so cool.  Would love to go back and stay a day or two there.  Sure was awesome!

In the Caverns of The Baths...boulders are amazing!  

Beautiful View

Warm Water...very cool to go along all these rocks

On the Water Taxi heading back to our Ship ...what a bunch of weirdos!  

Getting back to the ship and lets play some more!  
Isaac back on the courts...

Chloe and her friend hanging out on the rock wall 

Tonight was my night for everyone to dress up and take a picture... they all love this part NOT!  But very sweet to make mom happy.  Then after that only Chloe and I went to the theater and saw another Broadway type show "Legally Blond the Musical" ...we sat with Chloe's friend.  It was really great show.  Isaac spent the evening on the basketball courts and Scott in the Casino.

Day 7:  Nassau, Bahamas ...although we got on a water taxi and went straight to BLUE LAGOON

Bedtime for the last time in our tiny room...

Our final evening  after our day out at the beach we just kinda  relaxed.  Played a little more basketball and walked around the boat... also Chloe got her friend back up on the ropes coarse!   There was a farewell show we went to and tried to take in as much as we could before our vacation was over!!!  

Wonderful ship and great crew!

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