Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We had our friends the Edwards stay with us from Florida for a few days. They are the friends we had visited in the Bahamas the last couple years. They are now in Florida for the next two years. We always pick up right where we left off when we are together. We had a great visit and the kids were so happy to spend time together.

It may have been cold, but the kids were having a lot of fun and didn't mind too much! Thomas and Adam joined in the game too!
Football was the game of choice...

Chloe making her rounds. Heather and I listened in on Josiah and Chloe's conversation they were talking about George Washington...how he's the president and he's dead. Kids are so funny.

Chloe and Elijah discussing Pokemon...

Never too cold for ice cream treats!

Chloe Josiah Elijah Isaac Isaiah

Laurel, Kevin and Claire came to visit along with Kara. I was not thinking to get a picture of us ladies, but I did get a few of Claire.

What a cutie pie!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day from US to YOU!

Scott didn't get to spend Valentines Day with us this year. He's out of town working so we gave him a wake up call at 7am. Think he liked that?!
Chloe had swim class this morning...

Go Chloe Go!

Goofy Girl

Chloe was playing dress up and thought Isaac's gear would look good with her ensemble.

Happy Boy

Isaac's class had a Valentine's Day party today. I was lucky to help out and it was a blast. I remember when I got a bag full of Valentine's from my classmates...I'd look at them over and over again. He had a great day!

Ice Ice Baby

Remember that song by Vanilla Ice? I have to admit I loved that song back when it was popular. My mom and I would dance to the video just like Vanilla Ice...we were cool!

We got pounded one late afternoon with an ice storm...no one was expecting it so the highways got ugly.

The good thing is the next morning I got some cool pictures...

Holly Bush...



Now I know the leaves all around make it look like Fall, but it's Winter. This is my azalea bushes...

Friday, February 08, 2008

What sport is it today?

If your from Northern Virginia you'll understand why my son is in Winter Basketball and had to sign up for Spring sports in early February...
Not sure what it is about this area, but it's always crazy busy ...rush rush... with everything!
Trying to get the kids in an organized sport is a bit hectic. Don't get me wrong it's wonderful that we live in an area that has such a wide range of activities for the kids at this age and it's also run with volunteers. It's amazing how everything gets pulled together, but also we have to teach the kids to take things "one at a time".
Hard when we're expected to sign them up 2 months early and pick up their equipment...plus there are practices/camps they can go to before the season starts! Not to forget they are still in their winter sport season!

Isaac on the weekend...

Isaac after he picked up his new sports gear...

Chloe's going to be playing soccer with Daddy as coach again so she's very happy. She's also been swimming ...the improvement is amazing! I've tried to sign her up for swimming again they are only 4 week sessions, but I've been wait listed! I was 24 hours late in signing up and the classes filled fast. We might get lucky.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Crop Camp 2008

I had a girls weekend of scrapbooking at Cacapon Resort and State Park. Me, my mom and friend Kara ...plus 90 other women... spent our days cutting up pictures and making memories.

My mom finished her pictures from her trip this past December to Tennessee and her trip with Isaac & Chloe to on the Polar Express. She filled a large album with all these pictures and now can sit back and enjoy the memories from the trip.

Kara worked a bit on her 'remodeling' album and then went straight into her and Nick's trip to Japan. She got Tokyo done (it's amazing!) and she's started on Koyto.
She's having a baby at the end of March so I hope she can get her Japan book all done so we can start on baby pictures!!!

I finished up a small album for Scott to take to work and put on his desk. It sits up like an easel so he's able to flip through it on a daily basis ...he can gaze upon an Aruba sunset, pictures of Isaac & Chloe as babies or big kids, trips to the Bahamas or ME! I also finished a 7x7 album of Scott and my anniversary trip to Las Vegas. After that I started on our family album 'Fall 2007'.

Day 1
Fresh and Ready for a fun day...

It was a successful weekend and most of all relaxing. It was a bit chilly in Cacapon which is located just over the boarder into West Virginia. We three took a walk after lunch one day and took a few pictures.

Day 2

Half Frozen Lake

Day 3

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