Monday, March 21, 2011

March 18th- 20th, 2011
Lacrosse and Family

The kids Spring Break has begun as of Friday! We kicked it off by picking up their Granny and Grandma up at the airport. We had a nice lunch with Scott at Mellow Mushroom then headed home to relax. Isaac had lacrosse practice Friday night, but as soon as we got home we had more visitors!
My cousin Denise, Nick and Aunt Honey came for the weekend from Tampa.

Saturday morning Isaac had a huge cheering section!
This is Isaac playing attack in the White #31
White Team Wins! Isaac played a good part in this one by scoring and assisting in goals!

Coach Scott (aka Dad)

Nick, Granny and Denise


Time for the Purple team to Win too! Isaac in Goal for this game...

Helen & Honey

Grandma, Denise and Nick

Isaac saved some great shots and Purple wins again!

Pool is finally warm enough (at least for the kids)
Granny is ready to play some ball too!

Nick found a place to really relax!

Time to say good-bye and see you soon!

Grandma stayed the rest of the afternoon. She got to take a nice boat ride and a challenging bike ride with Chloe and Mommy. We had a great time and were very adventurous!

Always fun to find these without the snake!

Granny gets to stay all week with us and have some fun!
(Isaac's almost as tall as Granny...maybe next Spring Break?!!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is Beautiful

I got a bird feeder yesterday to put on the hook we have on our fence. I was so excited this morning to see my first visitor. He was chirping a beautiful song.. at least until Lucy went running into the backyard.

Chloe jumping into Spring...
Then Springing right back out of the pool since the water was in the 60's!

Great Night to sit around the Fire Pit

Being Silly

Dads and Daughters Game
March 13th, 2011

We got to do this last Fall. Not sure who has more fun the Dads or the Daughters! Maybe it's the moms watching...ha! There's a lot of smack talk going around too! I hear bets as well ... "if we win you buy us a slurpee" and "if we win you wash my car" ...what a fun day!

Scott & Chloe

Scott and Mitch

Chloe with her game face on!

Water Break already Daddy?

Chloe's got the ball...GET HER!

Some of the brothers joined in the game too. Isaac played Goalie part of the game.

Daddy and Isaac

Lets Do This!

Scott taking his turn in the Goal...yes that's Isaac's helmet!

Chloe in the front with Renee
Scott in the back middle

Renee Rachel and Chloe

Guess What...Girls Rule and Won the game!
Slurpee's all around!

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