Tuesday, November 18, 2014


2014 October

October we got to celebrate a fun birthday ...teenager... and a wonderful anniversary!

Besides that important stuff we also enjoyed tons of lacrosse!  Typical Gallant Style!

Isaac had his 7x7 Pumpkin Shoot Out Tournament in Palm Coast, FL the weekend of 18th-19th. They had a really great time even with some major pain involved.  Isaac took a hard shot to his left shoulder leaving him a bit off his game, but you can't keep him down.

Owen and Isaac what a team!

Always entertaining Riding in the car

 Chloe's early celebration for her 13th Birthday a day early at Mellow Mushroom!

The most talented, beautiful and inspiring 13 year old girl lives in this house!  She's just truly amazing!  We just love her too much!!!

Lotion on the tip of her nose

Drama Teen

Monday Morning Time for School ...oh and look who turned 13yrs old!

Schools out it's a rush home and get out the door for lacrosse practice!

Then home and it's time to multi-task... homework, talk to Uncle Chris on the phone, eat pizza and open gifts....

Isaac's sling from his injured shoulder he wore for a week

Ms. Denise spoiling ALL of us! 

Fun Wonderful things from Grampy and Granny!

My Cuties!  OMG adorable!!!

Happy Halloween!

We did our normal sitting outside handing out candy to the kids.  Isaac spent his time at his friend Elias's house doing the same, plus playing some basketball and Xbox.  Chloe had her friend MaKayla over to hangout with.

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