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2015 March

Spring Is Finally Here

Thursday March 5th 

Game 7 

Home Timber Creek

Isaac was looking forward to this game playing a few of his old team mates from Summer Club ball. As well as seeing his old coach!  Sun was shining in the boys eyes throughout the first half of the game, but they played through it and came out on top!  

One of Isaac's favorite things to do is run his buns down the field and dodge the other players...he's in his element here!  With a successful clear to his team down the field!

View from the Box

Win 8-4

Chloe and Coach Scott's Week 3

Saturday March 7th @ Lake Highland Prep 

A first for us we started our day on the nice turf fields at Lake Highland Prep for 2 of our 3 games of the day and then got kicked off!  There was a scheduling conflict and we needed to move to their secondary grass fields.  The high school boys team was being televised and we needed to get going! This didn't hinder the girls playing abilities one bit.  With 3 games played a total of 43 goals scored for our girls and only 9 goals against us what can you say!?!?!?!?  

 Chloe in Pink  #27

Chloe taking the Draw (and winning)

On our way over to the grass fields we walked ... Isaac and I were the last to arrive of the group and they locked the fence not realizing we were still on our way down the road.  I still got it ...I was able to climb the fence!  

Unhealthy snack...happy the cheese was never opened!

Chloe getting a free shot...SCORE

Random Weekend Photos...

Bella...not allowed out of the kitchen unless invited

Chloe watching "Chuck" on the laptop and playing w/ her Cell

Isaac...nice mouth guard

Isaac and his best friend...Cell

Game 8

Home Lake Highland Prep

Monday March 9th

Not gonna lie folks thought this would be a blowout game and we'd loose big... after it got started we realized we might have a chance.  Tough loss by one goal in the end.  
First game with 'Daylight Savings' as well so it stayed sunny and bright the entire game.

Home Game so we're up in the box seats

 Loss 5-6 

Game 9

@ Oviedo 

Thursday March 12th

Our rivals again!  Great fun to watch these boys play together since they have grown up playing club ball for years together.  Isaac loving getting physical with his 'friends' and also his 'friends' wanting to score on Isaac. Last game we played them and won only by one goal so we figured we were in for a big physical game, but NO!  Isaac played Outstanding ...almost shutting them out all together, but his good friend Delaney Scored on him ( the last game).  

Isaac and Delaney

Isaac and Elias 

We had a wonderful cheering squad this game with Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn showing up to watch!  So great to see them...I knew they could be coming, but no one else in the family knew so that was a fun surprise!!!  Grandma back out on the town and looking great!  

Three Gallant Generations

Three Beauty's!  

WIN 9-1


Spring Break started the evening of March 12th.  It's nice to know you don't have to set your alarm to the dark early hours and get to school/work.  Scott was still going into work, but for the rest of us we got to be little lazy.  We picked up Luna for starters...we got to dog sit (Chloe did all the hard work)!  

Friday the 13th 

Nothing scary about this Friday the 13th.  We did a lot of relaxing and hanging out.  Isaac had practice that morning from 9-11 and only 8 boys showed up...some were on vacation and some just didn't come.  The boys and coach made the best of it and had a blast with one another.  I ventured off to Costco to fill the fridge for the week.  Chloe had lacrosse practice that evening too.  

Saturday March 14th 
PI DAY  3.14.15

Scott had another practice for the girls that morning...we stay on schedule if there's no Saturday game then there's practice.  Scott heads out and is there by 8am until noon...there are almost 50 girls so they come in shifts...younger girls first then the older.  

YES, a pizza PI!  

The rest of PI day is relaxing...getting work done too.  Not to mention using the Pool for the first time this year!  

Sunday March 15th 

Got to get taxes ready...oh joy and work to do.  Chloe and I did get a break to do a little shopping!  Chloe got a nice pair of black flats and she HAD to have these white heels...adorable!  I got 2 pairs of flip flops at $1.99 for us to share (yes, she can fit into 10's...although these below are 9's) and I also got a cute pair of sandals.  
While we were at the shoe store I went next door to Appliance Direct store.  Our dishwasher is a disaster...not running properly and falling apart and rusting!  NOT GOOD!  I was happy to find a great one inside the store and will get it delivered this week.  For now I'll be using the current dishwasher for a drying rack!  

More time in the pool with Chloe.  Isaac had Elias over for some basketball and it was Luna's last day with us she left that night.  

Game 10

@ Viera High School 

Monday March 16th

We arrived at the game and when they started announcements they said this JV team was undefeated so I thought in my own mind this could be a bloodbath!  We were missing quite a few of our 'shooters' since it's spring break some kids are on vacation.  Isaac had an outstanding game saving many goals, but in the end we lost in the last minute of the game.  Defense was playing a great game as well.  One boy scored all 4 goals for the day!  

Loss 4-5


Home Winter Springs

Wednesday March 18th

We were supposed to play Winter Spring High School earlier in March, but it got rained out for the Varsity game and the JV game was canceled b/c they didn't have enough players.  The game was rescheduled for Spring Break week again no JV game again, but they did have enough boys to field for their Varsity.  One of our Varsity Goalies was on vacation so Isaac was asked to play as a back up.  He got to play the last quarter of the game.   Not a whole lot of action, but had fun anyway.  

WIN 19-8

Game 12

@ Seminole High School

Tuesday March 24th

A beautiful day for a lacrosse game!  Not to mention a BIG win!  This schools parents were not very nice so it wasn't the best atmosphere, but we enjoyed our boys great energy and spirit!

WIN 12-3

Chloe and Coach Scott's Week 4

Saturday March 28th @ Lake Highland Prep 

This was gonna be the toughest game of the year and it was!  Our girls played spectacular and we were proud!
In the end we lost our first game and won the second!  


Ending the day at our favorite place... MELLOW MUSHROOM!
Scott created an App / Website for them and it was officially now on their menu!

Sunday March 29th Chloe had a try-out for a summer lacrosse league that is local to our area. Checking her options out and she really enjoyed the group of coaches and girls!  She's IN if she wants to be a part of their group!  Way to go Chloe!!!!

Game 13

@ Lyman High School

Tuesday March 31st

Love that Blond Curl!

We knew going into this game that we wouldn't be too challenged.  The boys were told they could switch up their positions and for some reason..Isaac wasn't allowed to (even though there was someone who was willing and able to step in as Goalie).  This didn't deter Isaac from making his MARK on the game...

Isaac had a ASSIST!
Passing it to another boy Sean who is usually a defenseman and letting Sean Score his first goal ever!

He ran all the way down the field 'juking' out his opponents and even doing a spin move then a few more steps and he whips it into the goal! 
Just as time ran out in the 3rd quarter!

The last few seconds of the game they come down at our goal and make a great shot...but Isaac makes a greater SAVE!  
Just as time ran out in the 4th quarter!

WIN 15-0

Truly a wonderful way to end the month of March!  

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