Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lacrosse Pre-Game for the Lady Jokers
Saturday, February 19th

Chloe's lacrosse season is underway. Her team got the opportunity to play a pre-game with another group of girls.

Also Chloe's best friend Renee and her sister Rachel have joined her team! 2 other of Chloe and Renee's classmates have come along too! She's very excited to have some of her other friends join her great lacrosse team. All these girls (plus some other new girls) have never done this before, but have picked it up very quickly and are learning fast.




Chloe and Renee






Grandma was here for a visit in between a work function and she got to watch the girls play. We have been blessed with some great February weather and even got a little sun tan this weekend!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jenni Visits
February 1st, 2011

Jenni and I have known each other since the 6th grade and were BFF's! Through the years it seems we would have lost one another at some point in time. I went away for the summer after 6th grade, then she moved away (not too far, but far enough not to run back and forth to each others house). I think back on that year of 6th grade and it seems like it lasted for many years. It was the start of a never ending friendship...she was like family. As 7th grade began we moved farther than a weekend trip away. Then they moved past us to the ocean (up in WA state). We always found a way for our parents to let us see one another. What fun times!

We did manage to make it to each others weddings in 1997 and 1998.

Now many years later we are very far from one another and it's rare we get to see each other. The last time I saw Jenni was October 26th, 2003 for her youngest sister Amber's wedding! So 7 years and 3 months later we got together again.

Jenni was in Florida for work and had a free day to hang out. We did a little shop-bonding. Got some shoe's and bags...oh what fun! Had lunch and ice cream (b/c you can do that in February in Florida...we even ate it outside in the sun).

Scott had met us for lunch and took a few pictures of us...

It's VERY weird we have the same hair cut (mostly) and color! She's never ever seen my hair short so she kept commenting on that. Oh how times change!
It was a highlight of a weekend having both my girlfriends visit Heather on Sunday and Jenni on Tuesday.

Thanks for making time for me Jenni...I hope it's not another 7 years till we see each other again! By that time we'll have matching wrinkles not hair!

Edwards came to Visit
January 30th, 2011

We always just pick up right where we left off. It's like no time passes, but all of a sudden we are older and the kids have grown!

All the kids...
Chloe 9+, Isaac 11+ , Josiah 6+, Ari 1, Isaiah 9+, & Elijah 11

Isaac & Bella

Chloe & Bella

Josiah & Bella


Damon 30+, Ari 1, Heather 30+, Liz 30+, and Scott 30+

Heather & Me

Saying Good Bye!

This was their first time to our house for a visit and now they'll be leaving Florida for a new place...maybe New York?! Can't wait to visit them. They spent the week at Disney with Damon's mom. Hope you all had a great time with Mickey and the gang. It was great to see you!

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