Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Downtown Disney

Thursday February 19th

I was very happy this week to see an old friend. Well she's not old and neither am I so lets just say a great friend I hadn't seen in a while (8 years)!

Cassie is now living in South Carolina happily married with a beautiful little girl named Brenna. Cassie and her family were visiting Disney last week and we got to catch up with each other for a couple hours at Downtown Disney.

Chloe and I went while Scott and Isaac were at lacrosse practice.

Here's some of Chloe's hand camera work...
and Brenna loves the camera!

Our girls playing around

Me Chloe Brenna and Cassie

Welcome Home
Road Trip Day 3

Our long trip home was great since we came off of two road trip wins! We are looking forward to doing this all again in April during Spring Break!

As we drove into our neighborhood we had a nice surprise...

Our birds that I call 'pterodactyls' (they do sound like dinosaurs when they fly over head and are pretty big birds)...

They had babies!

Road Trip Day 2

We woke in a Tampa hotel still excited about the win the night before. We got packed up and headed out to Sunrise! The Washington Capitals play the Florida Panthers tonight and we can't wait to see them win again!

We drove through Alligator Ally and was not too impressed. Not what we had imagined in our minds, but with that said we did see some alligators. Our trip from Tampa to Sunrise was about 4 hours. The kids took advantage of their new DVD players we got them in the car.

We got into our hotel and had plenty of time to relax before the game. The kids were ready for the pool again...
They had the entire place to themselves!

Before the game we went to Ikea which shared the parking lot of our hotel. I may have to have more time to shop next time! I love Ikea! They also had free face painting...the girls working that had a few different designs to choose from. Chloe picked the butterfly. Isaac only wanted a #8 (for Ovechkin) the lady agreed, but wasn't sure she could do an 8 very well...turned out fine!

Our in front of the arena

We were able to get near the glass and watch warm ups.


Back at the hotel for a movie and snacks!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines Day Weekend
Road Trip
Day 1

I know I'm a bit behind on my posting, but I hope to catch up here soon. On Valentines Day weekend we went to Tampa. Our agenda was to see the Washington Capitals play, but we had some time to kill.

It was Fan Fair Day at the 'Tampa Rays' stadium so we decided to check this free event out. It was fun to walk around the field where they play ball. We also got to sit in the dug out and the kids ran some bases. It was very crowded!

We checked into our hotel and let the kids take a dip in the pool before we headed to our hockey game.

The area where the arena is had a park and a small shopping area where cruise boats came in. We got some ice cream there.

Picture from on top of the parking garage and the family in front of the arena.

The Tampa Lightning had a lot of fun stuff right out in front of their arena to do for the kids. They played for over an hour. We meet a lot of Capital Fans! Go Caps! I couldn't pick one or two pictures to post so I did a was SO much fun!

We went into the arena right away and got down to see our Washington Capitals come out to warm up. I got a few shots of our awesome team!
The kids got one of the warm up pucks the Caps were using...always a great souvenir.

Lets Go Caps...and what a night it was...Mike Green made history!

The night before Chloe went to her first slumber party at her classmates house. She was a bit tired by the end of the game!


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