Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Trip Day 2

We woke in a Tampa hotel still excited about the win the night before. We got packed up and headed out to Sunrise! The Washington Capitals play the Florida Panthers tonight and we can't wait to see them win again!

We drove through Alligator Ally and was not too impressed. Not what we had imagined in our minds, but with that said we did see some alligators. Our trip from Tampa to Sunrise was about 4 hours. The kids took advantage of their new DVD players we got them in the car.

We got into our hotel and had plenty of time to relax before the game. The kids were ready for the pool again...
They had the entire place to themselves!

Before the game we went to Ikea which shared the parking lot of our hotel. I may have to have more time to shop next time! I love Ikea! They also had free face painting...the girls working that had a few different designs to choose from. Chloe picked the butterfly. Isaac only wanted a #8 (for Ovechkin) the lady agreed, but wasn't sure she could do an 8 very well...turned out fine!

Our in front of the arena

We were able to get near the glass and watch warm ups.


Back at the hotel for a movie and snacks!

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