Tuesday, December 02, 2014


2014 November


If nothing else is going on in our lives...Lacrosse is!

We did get to start our November 1st off with a very cold day ...our first one here in FL since last Winter.  Chloe had a lacrosse game for her Rec Team.  After we enjoyed that WIN we went to DeLand to visit Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn.  Enjoyed about 2 hours with them and back home to get Isaac ready for his first high school Homecoming dance.  Being a male it doesn't take too long to get ready which is wonderful!  

The week following Scott had to be out of town for work.  Not having traveled at all in 2014 for work he found himself traveling to 3 different places for 3 straight weeks...not fun for him or us!  I seemed to be a little Kluz in the yard while I was gardening and my flip flop attacked me...ok not really, but I fractured a bone in my toe/foot.  I got to hobble a round for the next month.  Full recovery they said 6 weeks...we shall see!

Big Lacrosse Event for Chloe the 7th-9th near Atlanta, GA.  Scott and her drove North to enjoy more cold weather, but you can't tell from the photos below.  A friend had taken these photos for us. Chloe's hands got so cold she had to buy new lax gloves!  

Meanwhile back here in Florida Isaac had a Veterans Day Lacrosse Tournament in Palm Coast.  Isaac had a blast with his High School Club while there were there.  Getting  more bruises and injuries, but tougher than nails!
After the first day we stopped in at Grandpa and Grandma's again to visit since Aunt Carol and Dave were at their house visiting from Virginia.  Then home to get to bed and get back up at 5am to get back to the lacrosse fields.

The next weekend ...guess what... a lacrosse tournament!  This time it's Chloe's again, but local so only about an hours drive away.  She had such a great time playing with the girls in some warmer weather!  I was sure happy to see her play again since I didn't get to make the last one.

The month was filled with doctor visits, check ups, orthodontist trips, practices and LIFE!
 A very Happy Orthodontist appointment for Chloe...braces came off!




We haven't had any traditional Thanksgivings here so this year was a nice change and having family with us and really getting to celebrate.  Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn came for the day!  

A friendly game of Basketball in our TURKEY FLOW LACROSSE SHORTS!

We also had LUNA for 6 days over the Thanksgiving Day Break....

November has now come and gone...what's next for December...oh LOTS!!!

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